• Test Bench MSG MS004 COM is used for diagnostics of 12V and 24V alternators through load simulation of current consumers up to 100A or 50A, correspondingly; testing of voltage regulators and starters in mode of idle running.

  • Controller MSG MS561 is used for diagnostics of EPS pumps, racks and columns. The device simulates operation of the unit in a car. The controller has OBD II to connect diagnostic scanner to detect errors. The device is used jointly with cables for testing EPS units.

  • Flushing Stand MSG MS101Р is used for cleansing pipelines of air conditioning systems from contamination through constant pulsating flow supply in the stand circuit and a car circuit, providing quality flushing of air conditioning system.

  • Tester MSG MS610 is used for diagnostics of power steering system. The device is connected to high-pressure line to measure performance of power system elements. Testing is conducted in a car without dismounting of units.

  • No new products at this time.

MSG Company activity is directed at development of diagnostic equipment and special repair tools for testing and adjusting car units:

  • starters and alternators
  • steering system units (power steering pumps and racks)
  • AC systems

Another MSG Company direction is a chain of car service centers with experience of more than 10 years. We faced the necessity in specialized diagnostic equipment of high quality, with multy-functional operation, at favorable price, and made a decision to launch our own production. Thus, we have optimized the process of diagnostics and enhanced consumers' confidence in our services.

MSG Equipment advantages:

  • reasonable price
  • continuous improvement and upgrade of the equipment
  • development of unique diagnostic devices for power steering systems
  • 1 year warranty
  • wide sales geography

MSG Equipment is manufactured in Ukraine.