Management Board
  • Bershadskyy Mark
    Bershadskyy Mark

    My name is Mark. I am a founder of MSG Equipment, that is a part of the Master Service corporate group.
    Today MSG Equipment is a team of young and high-potential people who improve themselves every day, find new solutions and ways to diagnose and repair cars.
    Our main goal is to produce high-quality and technological equipment for car service stations around the world.

  • Ivanchikhin Aleksandr
    Head of MSG Equipment Department
    Ivanchikhin Aleksandr
    Head of MSG Equipment Department

    My name is Aleksandr. I came to the company as an engineer in the “Steering” Department. I was engaged in the production development and organization of specialized tools for steering units. Later, the company opened the “Equipment” Department, where I became the head of the “Special tool and equipment” Division. Working in the creative team, we experimented, set ambitious goals and achieved good results - our products became competitive in the market of the diagnostic equipment. In September 2016, I was appointed to the position of the Head of the “Equipment” Department.

Sales department
  • Bublyk Julia
    Head of Sales Department
    Bublyk Julia
    Head of Sales Department ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Julia. I work in the company Master Service since 2012. For two years I worked as a sales manager, for the next three years - as a manager of foreign economic activity. In 2016, the company launched a new project for the sales of the diagnostic equipment to the Western market. The project successfully got accustomed and at the end of 2017 I headed the "Sales to the foreign market" Department. Now we are actively promoting the project with the team, we are dynamically growing and developing, overcoming all difficulties and conquering new heights.

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    +38 (067) 888 19 34
  • Popovich Anastasia
    International Sales Manager
    Popovich Anastasia
    International Sales Manager ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Anastasia. My responsibilities in the company are: supporting and increasing the customer base, increasing loyalty to our company and brand, selling company’s services and products. My position is interesting because I communicate with successful people learning something new from them. The company regularly provides the opportunity to take a part in the training.
    My main priorities are to develop in sales direction, make a profit for the company; help and train new employees.

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    +38 (098) 630 86 30
  • Gromenko Igor
    Sales Manager
    Gromenko Igor
    Sales Manager ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Igor. My responsibilities include consulting clients on equipment and tools selection, signing up contracts and sending goods to customers. I like the position I hold, as I like to communicate with people and solve issues. For all the time I have been working in the company, I have made a great contribution, and I do not stop at this, I continue to look for clients and partners.
    I am a sociable person and it is interesting to me to communicate with new people and get experience from them, so I continue to develop myself in this field.

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    RUS +7 (800) 302 61 58
    UKR +38 (057) 728 49 64
  • Semenyuk Oleg
    Sales Manager
    Semenyuk Oleg
    Sales Manager ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Oleg. I love my work, because I constantly need to improve and "grow" in technical aspects, I love to communicate with people and share my experience. My responsibilities include advising clients on the selection of the diagnostic equipment, negotiating with potential clients, concluding contracts and conducting transactions. Our company is constantly developing and does not stop at what has been accomplished, this is a huge plus and the rule for any business. Every employee makes his contribution to the development of the company in the course of his work activity, and me too.

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    RUS +7 (498) 716 42 61
    UKR +38 (067) 572 26 28
Marketing Department
  • Skorodenko Yaroslav
    Marketing Specialist
    Skorodenko Yaroslav
    Marketing Specialist ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Yaroslav. My main task in the company is to organize the effective work of the marketing department: building a marketing strategy, launching advertising campaigns (GA, Yandex, FB), working on search engine optimization (SEO), organizing international exhibitions, analytical work. There are the immediate prospects of the company: the growing brand awareness of MSG Equipment, representative offices opening in leading countries of the world, the expansion of the products range and services, production capacity increase, creation of new directions in production. I use my knowledge, professional skills and experience to solve common problems.
    Personal and professional growth are my priorities.

  • Baranovsky Stanislav
    Baranovsky Stanislav
    Designer ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Stanislav. In the company, I create advertising banners, materials for social networks, UI / UX, graphic design, and sometimes I help with interior design. I am interested in the position that I occupy because I can realize my ideas and skills, improve them and develop in all areas of Design. Building the strong and attractive brand, increasing its awareness is my goal and task! I work with pleasure, without stress with the friendly team, learning new things. I am sure that, having in the work all the above that I have listed, it will affect my “inner world” positively and be mapped to my family and people around.
    In the future, I plan to create an internal or private design studio.

  • Abuzova Alla
    Site Administrator
    Abuzova Alla
    Site Administrator ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Alla. In the company I am engaged in administration and html-layout of MSG Equipment sites, testing. This position is interesting for me, because in the process of solving problems, you need to think outside the box and develop your professional skills. Even if there are high quality products, customer’s awareness is necessary.
    Having a website for a company is not only a brand, and also providing the most competently with all the necessary information for the client.
    I attend advanced training courses to improve my professional skills.

Automatization and Production Department
  • Yalovenko Ivan
    Head of Production Department
    Yalovenko Ivan
    Head of Production Department
    ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Ivan. I work in the company since 2011. I started moving up the career ladder as a storekeeper, then worked for a year as a sales assistant, for the next two years as a sales representative. In 2015, i moved to the new “Equipment” Department, to the division for the sales of the diagnostic equipment in the CIS countries. A year later, I became the head of the Sales Department. Since 2019, I have been occupying Head of Production Division in the Equipment Department. I am responsible for the high-quality manufacturing of products and the effective work of the unit.

  • Krivoshey Sergey
    Krivoshey Sergey
    Technologist ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Sergey. My main responsibilities in the company are: to perform entrance control of the cases, components selection for them, development of schemes, methodical manuals for assembling, assembling of the first sample, to hold trainings and commissioning when introducing a new product and adjustments when changing old ones, control the benches from assembling and until shipment to customers. This is a very interesting, important and responsible work, as the manual assembling of the benches requires control and attention. In the future, I see the company and the direction, as a strong cohesive team. For my part, I’m ready to improve myself constantly and to learn more.
    I learn to be aware of myself and improve my personal qualities.

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    +38 (097) 876 95 39
Engineering Department
  • Nikonov Aleksandr
    Head of Development Department
    Nikonov Aleksandr
    Head of Development Department
    ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Aleksandr. My main responsibilities are to increase our product range, as well as its presentation. My profession is interesting because I have the opportunity to perform exactly the work that I love most of all, I love to create something new. I believe that we are still at the very beginning of our way and there are a lot of peaks that we have to conquer. I share all the goals of our company and I will do everything possible to bring them closer.
    I love cars and everything about it. I am constantly interested in new developments.

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    +38 (063) 232 71 35
  • Popov Sergey
    Head of R & D Department
    Popov Sergey
    Head of R & D Department ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Sergey. My main responsibilities in the company are: project management for RTD, budgeting, performance monitoring, interaction with the customer, evaluation of a scientific and technical project and its applicability in serial products, evaluation of economic indicators. This position is very interesting, I am constantly in search of something new. The prospects are very large because the company does not stop at what has been accomplished, and for this I have been working for more than 10 years.
    A step towards the unknown, self-testing are my goals!

  • Prikhodko Maksim
    Prikhodko Maksim
    Programmer ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Maksim. In the company I am engaged in developing software, in particular, expanding and supporting the functionality of the MS561 bench, researching the principles of operation of interfaces on various vehicles, developing programs for the new equipment. My work is fascinating logic puzzles to develop the best software for our equipment. As the nearest prospects of the company, that I personally can highlight, I see the expansion of markets, the improvement of the service quality.
    I am developing in the field of information technologies, and this is the future of any company.

Logistics Department
Financial Department
Training and Technical Support Department
  • Kuliev Rinat
    Technical Specialist
    Kuliev Rinat
    Technical Specialist ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Rinat. I have many responsibilities in the company: getting the company's customers to know the wide capabilities of our products and teaching them diagnostics and repair of individual systems and units of the car in details, assistance in creating photos and video for social networks, solving technical problems, etc. I am interested in this position because often I have to solve diverse problems. MSG Equipment has good prospects and the occupation of one of the leading positions in the field of automotive service, as well as the production of the corresponding equipment. For my part, I will try to improve the processes inside of the company by searching for important solutions.
    I am developing myself not only as a professional, but as a person also.

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    +38 (050) 229 30 27
  • Eremin Valentin
    Technical Specialist
    Eremin Valentin
    Technical Specialist ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Valentine. My responsibilities include the clients’ training, searching for new information, and enriching my own experience in my chosen subject. I am completely satisfied with my profession. MSG Equipment is the company that improves the auto repair and maintenance industry, improving the level of quality and expanding the range of services provided all the time. I am sure that we will continue to increase the pace opening new horizons for ourselves and our clients.
    Finding new, comprehensive and accurate answers for any questions is my priority. Among the multitude of information, I reserve for myself the main things.

  • Tolstorebrov Aleksandr
    Technical Specialist
    Tolstorebrov Aleksandr
    Technical Specialist ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Aleksandr. My responsibilities include holding the training about EPS and climate systems. This position is very interesting because of work variety and communication with a huge number of different people. The company is growing rapidly, so in the future I see the prosperous company with a great success. As a technical specialist, I can show people how professionally we approach our work, as well as help in the development of personnel inside of the company.
    The most effective strategy is to find what makes you happy. This is the most important thing for me.

  • Sokolov Sergey
    Specialist of Equipment Testing
    Sokolov Sergey
    Specialist of Equipment Testing
    ( Ukraine, Kharkiv )

    My name is Sergey. My responsibilities include technical support of clients about all produced equipment, possible operation to complaint issues. I also repair equipment that comes to us for warranty and non-warranty repairs. I love my job, communication with new people charges me with positive energy. In the future, I plan to continue my professional activity in this company and see a great perspective in the automotive industry.
    I want to grow, develop myself, strive for self-improvement. I want to be better.

    “A horse can be led to the water, but she can only get drunk on its own ...”

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    +38 (067) 434 42 94