Mar 19, 2020

MS111 Test bench upgrade

Upgraded MS111 Test bench by MSG Equipment Company

The software of MS111 test bench for diagnostics of vehicle AC compressors has been upgraded to improve operational features of the bench.

Test bench innovations:

  • added Polish and Portuguese interface languages;
  • it is possible to set the threshold pressure and vacuum time оn the main screen; 
  • it is possible to adjust the threshold pressure for the refrigerant evacuation  function;
  • when testing a clutch or valve, the main screen displays the fault cause (short circuit or open circuit) as well as the presence of a diode. Also, the diode presence is now specified in the automatic diagnostics report;
  • added function of saving and viewing of test results;
  • improved operation algorithm of evaporator and condenser fans;

We are always willing to communicate and consider our customers’ feedbacks and requests carefully. We continue to modify and improve products manufactured by MSG Equipment, aiming for the result that would satisfy both us and our customers.


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