May 4, 2020

MS005 – Test bench for alternators and starters

New test bench for starters and alternators I MS005

We introduce our new product – MS005 multifunctional test bench for automotive starters and alternators. 

MS005 checks general performance parameters of vehicle electric systems:

  • 12, 24, 48V alternators (L/FR, SIG, RLO, RVC, C KOREA, P-D, COM (LIN, BSS), C JAPAN, I-Eloop) under load up to 300A;
  • Starters up to 6 kW (no-load)

The test bench special features: ease of use, short test time, measurement accuracy.

The test bench has the following benefits and advantages:

  • Secure fixation of automotive units with no auxiliary tools required.
  • The equipment set includes special diagnostic cables for connection to the voltage regulator and a database of alternators, which ensures easy connection of the tested unit. 
  • The bench operator can work in two modes: manual and automatic.
  • The load on the tested alternator is selectable which helps to protect the unit from an overload.
  • The machine reads out test results in the form of numerical values, oscillograph charts, and diagrams.
  • There is an option of saving and printing out test results. 

The use of the MS005 bench will shorten the time of detection of starters and alternators failures by the staff of the body shops, garages, and auto service stations. The test bench helps to carry out check tests of the units after their maintenance or renovation.


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