Business package 'Basic' for repair of air conditioners

Payback period: starting from 12 month Warranty period: starting from 5 years Problems to cover:
- diagnostics of C/C systems;
- locating the point of leackage;
- checking pressure in pipelines;
- flushing A/C system;
- refilling A/C system with refrigerant.

More details

Payback periodstarting from 12 month
Required work place dimensions4 sq.m.
Number of equipment units8
Maintenance personnel1
Warranty period1 year
Average cost of single repair3000 RUB
Training durationno

This equipment help you to diagnose A/C system, to locate point of leackage. If it is necessary, check pressure, repair separate units and refill the system. Minimal set of equipment and tools will let you to conduct minor repairs  quickly and  qualitative.

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