Business package 'Maximal' for repair of starters and alternators

Business package 'Maximal':
Cost of single repair: 50 USD
Payback period: starting from 12 months
Warranty period: 5 years
Functions to perform:
- full repair of mechanical parts of starters and alternators;
- diagnostics of alternator's electric junctions that belong to both passenger cars and commercial vehicles;
- diagnostics of regulators relays with all control types (COM, SIG, P-D, RLO, C)

More details

Payback period starting from 12 months
Number of equipment units3
Required work place dimensions1,5 sq.m.
Maintenance personnel1
Warranty period1 year
Training50$ / 1 day
Training durationUp to 5 days

Business package 'Maximal' will allow you to:
- diagnose alternator with any existing connection terminals;
- maximum current load 200A;
- diagnose regulator relay without connecting it to alternator.

Pack content
  • Сontact welder Figel MS022 is used for quick welding of different materials. The top feature of the device is a quality welding with no obvious difference from the factory welding. Figel MS022 is a compact device additionally equipped with a solder for connection of dissimilar metals, a graphite bar, a welder itself.

  • The set is used for replacement of rear bearings in alternator rotors, eliminating damage of current collector rings. Applicable to bearings: 6203, 6202, 6003, 6201,141071,140419 and their analogues, used in 90% alternators of world manufacturers, such as Bosch, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Mitsubishi, Delco Remy and others.

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  • The tester is used jointly with the test bench for diagnostics of alternators or with the voltage regulator tester, it reads operational parameters of COM (BSS, LIN), RLO, SIG, P-D voltage regulators. The device simulates control signals for a tested voltage regulator. It contains integrated physical and program interfaces of all actually existing control...

    Price by request
  • Test bench for diagnostics of starters, alternators and voltage regulators. The equipment possess high power, thus, units can be tested under different loads. The test bench has rather small dimensions, it can be placed both in small service centers and big shops specialized in selling equipment. The equipment includes the following diagnostic functions:...

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  • The tester combines two devices: tester of stator windings and diode bridges. The equipment has small dimensions and a light weight, it was developed according to the requirements of contemporary service stations. The feature of the tester is diagnostics of stator windings and diode bridges with no additional testing and measuring devices. Diagnostics of...

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