Business package 'Optimal' for repair of power steering racks and power steering pumps

Payback period: starting from 12 month Warranty period: starting from 5 years Problems to cover:
- repair of power steering racks and power steering pumps;
- diagnostics and repair of single-, dual- circuit power steering pumps;
- diagnostics of power steering rack and hydraulic steering previously dismantled from the vehicle (before and after repair).

Payback periodstarting from 12 month
Required work place dimensions25 sq.m.
Maintenance personnel2
Warranty period1 year
Training durationUp to 7 days
Pack content
  • Test bench for diagnostics of power steering racks of all types under pressure, with adjustable load in any position of the shaft in relation to the built-in pump. The equipment measures flow parameters generated in power steering rack. The test bench detects leak, wear out of body, seals and teflon rings. Testing of steering rack operation under...

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  • Test bench for diagnostics of single- and double-circuit pumps with mechanical drive. The test bench measures flow and pressure parameters under different speed. Besides, it detects such faults as leak, roar, body wear out, reducing valve sticking. It is an equipment of general service, used for work with power steering pumps of all types. The key...

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  • We organise our training courses in order to improve professional skills in car servicing field. Our experts, who have good knowledge of theory and have rich practical experience in car repairs and diagnostics, will train your personnel in short perion of time.

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