Frequently asked questions to MSG Equipment

Our main purpose is to facilitate your purchase! Here you can see the most popular questions from our customers where you possibly find answers to your own questions before contacting us. If not – we are 24 hours open for communication and ready to provide assistance!

Question: Where is MSG Equipment located?

Answer: MSG Equipment is located in Ukraine, Kharkiv.

Question: What are your delivery times? Can I receive my order within two weeks?

Answer: Basically, the whole product line can be found in the warehouse in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and in Lublin (Poland). Check the availability of a certain product with the managers of our company: Contact us! See all contact information below.

Question: What are the payment terms?

Answer: а) Bank transfer - online payment via PayPal; b) with a credit card via PayPal. Contact us! See all contact information below.

Question: What are the delivery terms?

Answer: The cost of delivery is calculated individually with the Trade Department. Contact us! See all contact information below.

Question: Which companies do you use to determine the cost of delivery?

Answer: It depends on which country the delivery will be organized in. We use international transport deliveries. We organize shipping by sea and by air. Delivery can be arranged to any point of the world.

Question: How do you arrange the delivery to the EU countries?

Answer: MSG Equipment has an office and a warehouse in Poland, Lublin. Thus, we can easily arrange delivery to any EU country from our warehouse in Poland with no problems.

Question: If I am beyond the EC zone, how do you deliver?

Answer: In this case we can offer delivery from the warehouse in Poland (Lublin) and from the warehouse in Ukraine (Kharkiv). We discuss it with each customer in a particular way.

Question: What is the warranty period for MSG Equipment products?

Answer: Warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase. We provide a guarantee sheet for each purchase where all the guarantee terms are prescribed.

Question: Where do you have physical offices besides Ukraine?

Answer: We have 2 more physical offices besides our Ukrainian office.
They are located in Poland, Warsaw, Familijna 27 St. and in Russia, Moscow, Generala Belova, 16 St.

Question: How long will it take to wait if a requested product is not available and it requires time to be manufactured?

Answer: We try to keep the entire range of MSG Equipment products available in Poland and Ukraine to arrange delivery as soon as possible. If a requested product is out of stock, specify the terms with the managers of MSG Equipment.

Question: What actions should I take after making a request on your web site?

Answer: Contact us! See all contact information below.

Question: To which countries do you effect deliveries?

Answer: To any point of the world.

Question: Do you have a technical support service? Answer:

Yes, we do:
Technical Support:

    • Skype: MSG Support
Question: In which languages ​​can I send my request?

Answer: You can send your request in English, Italian, Polish, Spanish.

Question: Do you provide training courses?

Answer: Yes, we do. Follow the link to learn the details: Training.

Question: Do your products have CE marking?

Answer: Yes, we do.

Question: Can I ask a review about your product from one of your customers?

Answer: Yes, we will provide contacts in the needed area by your request.

Question: Can I repair a test bench by myself in case of its failure if thewarranty period has already passed?

Answer: Regardless of whether the equipment is under the warranty or not, we recommend not to repair MSG Equipment products yourself. However, in some cases, considering the distance from the service center, we can provide the necessary recommendations on repair by the phone or email. We can as well help you to remotely diagnose and set the test benches MS111, MS561 and MS1000 + via the Internet.

Contact us to specify any information:

+38 (057) 728 01 71

Viber, WhatsApp: +38 (067) 888 19 34