• Approximate release date: June 2017. R134a freon-operated Test bench MS111 is intended to test AC compressors of wide range of cars. The equipment detects failures of a car unit before its mounting in a car, whether it is a remanufactured, repaired unit or a used one. In the process of testing, data is shown on LCD display. It gives an opportunity to...

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  • Test bench for quick and quality diagnostics of starters, alternators and voltage regulators without applying any additional measuring devices. The test bench has dimensions and can be placed on a table. Besides, it possess high power, thus, units can be diagnosed under different loads. The bench includes the following diagnostic functions: testing of 12V...

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  • Test bench for diagnostics of shock absorbers of any type. The equipment conducts quick and accurate testing with an opportunity to check operation under different speed. The system fixes performance parameters under different speed. The equipment set includes: test bench set of changeable fittings for shock absorber - 3 pairs handle for fixing pneumatic...

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  • EPS Controller MS561 simulates real operation of a unit in a car. The device is invented to diagnose EPS pumps, it can be used jointly with hydraulic bench to test mechanical pumps, or separately from the bench to test electric part of a unit. The Controller tests EPS racks and columns directly in a car (if there is access to sockets) without dismounting...

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First steps in foundation of the company were made in 2006 when a small service station turned out into a bigger one and we felt a sharp necessity for quick and accurate methods of testing. Our engineers started to develop diagnostic equipment, diverse in options and functional purposes, in order to make our working activity easier. Later we began to offer our equipment to other service stations. We succeeded and made a decision to vary types of our diagnostic equipment.

Currently we are a team of 50 friends with a solid experience of ups and downs, aware how to run our business. We permanently expand our product line, upgrade equipment design and functions and improve quality of our inventions. Our main goal has always been to simplify and fasten the process of diagnostics and repair of car units. We were the first to test, use and optimize our equipment, thus, we know how to handle it in any situation!

We deal with diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators;power steering pumps; racks and columns;AC system; shock absorbers.

MSG EQUIPMENT is reasonable price;continuous upgrade of equipment;1 year warranty;wide sales geography.

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According to statistics, we spend 4 years and a half driving and, at best, 3 months sitting in traffic in average during our lifetime. So, never underestimate this part of your living and make it truly comfortable.

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Training 2017-03-14 13:25:10


MSG Team has arranged training courses for car repair enthusiasts and specialists! We will teach you how to test power steering pumps and racks, diagnose shock absorbers, starters, alternators and voltage regulators, flush AC system on our equipment. We will show you easy repair of car units with our Special Repair Tools!

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Must-know discovery! 2017-02-28 11:41:04

Must-know discovery!

In the beginning of 2017 MSG Team has made a big step forward – has updated software of Testers MS012 and MS013! Thanks to close collaboration of different departments of the company, partners and skilled specialists, a new type of voltage regulators with LIN protocol has been found.

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Let 's arrange spring meeting in one of the most picturesque places of Italy! 2017-02-20 11:44:07

Let 's arrange spring meeting in one of the most picturesque places of Italy!

The great event will gather the leading suppliers of automotive services, tire specialists and car dealers, representatives of auto repair centers, service stations and workshops in one place with the atmosphere of total engagement in cooperation, competition and knowledge exchange.

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