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    Multifunctional equipment for testing EPS units. The device simulates real operation of a unit in a car, invented to diagnose pumps with electric power steering, it can be used jointly with hydraulic bench to test mechanical pumps, or separately from the bench to test electric part of a unit. The Controller tests EPS racks and columns directly in a car...

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    The test bench is intended to test AC compressors of wide range of vehicles on R134a refrigerant. The equipment detects failures of a vehicle unit before its mounting in a car, whether it is a remanufactured, repaired unit or a used one. In the process of testing, data is shown on LCD display. It gives an opportunity to follow testing results realtime,...

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    The tester is intended for diagnostics of starter solenoids both apart from a starter itself and in assembly with it. The equipment tests both 12V and 24V solenoids. The tester measures the following parameters: retraction current, hold current and resistance of power contacts (displayed as a voltage drop at a current of 500A). To ensure maximum...

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    The test bench is intended to diagnose 12/24-volt automotive alternators in assembly with a voltage regulator in idle mode and under load at maximum rotation speed of 3000 rpm. The construction of the test bench is simple, it has small dimensions, precise in measurements, has an option of printing test results. The equipment tests voltage...

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MSG EQUIPMENT - Automotive Equipment Sales and Service

First steps in foundation of the company were made in 2006 when a small service station turned out into a bigger one and we felt a sharp necessity for quick and accurate methods of testing. Our engineers started to develop diagnostic equipment, diverse in options and functional purposes, in order to make our working activity easier. Later we began to offer our auto shop equipment. We succeeded and made a decision to vary types of our vehicle diagnostic equipment.

Currently we are a team of 50 friends with a solid experience of ups and downs, aware how to run our business. We permanently expand our product line, upgrade equipment design and functions and improve quality of our inventions. Our main goal has always been to simplify and fasten the process of diagnostics and repair of car units. We were the first to test, use and optimize our car garage equipment, thus, we know how to handle it in any situation!

April 2017 has become one of the most fortunate months of the year – our automotive diagnostic equipment is now CE certified. MSG Team stands for safe living and environmental wellbeing that is why it has been so crucial for us to receive European Certificate CE. This is one more opportunity to emphasize our aspiration for quality improvements, it is clear proof of our efforts to conform to international standards!


Why MSG Equipment is the best vehicle diagnostic equipment manufacturer?

Our specialists have been dealing with automotive service for more than 10 years already. We started with a small service center when, repairing all motor vehicle units manually, spending plenty of time in order to do quality work, generating ideas of how to optimize our activity, we prepared a solid basis for strengthening of our positions: we increased the number of service centers and, clearly understanding what kind of tools we needed to simplify and shorten the process of motor vehicle repair, started to invent auto repair shop tools and equipment personally. We know how to produce, how to use and how to repair our automotive equipment which is the most important feature of professional approach in any business.

Why our visitors choose automotive test equipment from MSG

1) Today we are an ambitious company specializing in automotive equipment sales and service. Our activity is focused on manufacturing and distributing diagnostic tools for repair shops and service centers. Of course, our visitors can order car equipment in any other company, though, we doubt that it has the same benefits:

We offer diagnostic solutions for:

● AC system

braking system

shock absorbers

electric power steering

power steering system

starters, alternators and voltage regulators

Our customers can order several items of garage supply equipment for their auto shop or service center in one place! There is no need to look for a specialized repair shop to recover particular auto parts - conduct all recovery works in the territory of our enterprise!

2) We offer professional automotive equipment with opportunity to test or flush one and more motor vehicle units which, in its turn, includes the following extra options: multifunctional opportunities easy operation software update quick testing procedure long-lasting service safe exploitation

3) To be always in touch with our customers is one of the fundamental rules of our company. And four more convincing points regarding our car servicing equipment: we are ready to answer all your questions 24 hours a day we offer 1 year warranty and life-long customer support we provide well-structured sales geography and worldwide shipping our main goal is to save your time - MSG Equipment will do the dirty work in the car instead of you.

Crucial point in favor of our bench manufacturing company

Our product line includes garage auto equipment for diagnostics of power steering racks and pumps, shock absorbers,brake calipers, starters and voltage regulators; flushing and testing test benches for AC compressors, alternator tester for sale. We keep updating our assortment and inventing new products with more functions and opportunities. Our unique combination of solutions for electric power steering racks, pumps, columns resulted in EPS Controller MS561. Still searching the internet for your electric power steering failure or how to stop the leakage? We are proud to realize customer’s demand. With this diagnostic kit for EPS system your capabilities are enhanced as well as your workshop efficiency. MSG Equipment development engineers constantly work to include new diagnostic coverage and vehicle information as it becomes available. Besides cheap garage equipment, we also produce specialized tools, used for quick repair and adjustment of motor vehicle units in power steering system. They will not only simplify the process of repair but also prevent motor vehicle units from deformation. On coming once, we will do our best to make our visitors come back every next time - this is the core principle of our work. If this approach appeals to you, welcome!

How to flush the system and what fluids to use? 2019-11-07 18:01:10
How to flush the system and what fluids to use?

How to perform correctly the system flushing procedure? How to identify the need of flushing? Flushing techniques. Choice of flushing fluids.

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MSG Equipment congratulates Nitro Group company on the opening of a new affiliate branch 2019-11-07 11:12:39
MSG Equipment congratulates Nitro Group company on the opening of a new affiliate branch

MSG Equipment together with Nitro Group company celebrates the opening of the new affiliate branch and the main office in Turkey. Nitro Group company provides services in repair of starters and alternators, AC compressors, HPS and EPS systems, based on the use of equipment and tools by MSG Equipment.

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We are participating in Automechanika Shanghai 2019 Exhibition 2019-11-05 14:33:45
We are participating in Automechanika Shanghai 2019 Exhibition

Our company is taking part in Automechanika Shanghai 2019 Exhibition, where we will feature the equipment for maintenance and repair of passenger cars and trucks manufactured by MSG Equipment.

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What happens if HPS system goes out of order when the car is in motion? 2019-10-29 16:19:43
What happens if HPS system goes out of order when the car is in motion?

Symptoms of HPS system failure. How to repair a faulty HPS system? What kind of equipment is used to test HPS performance before and after repair?

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