Test bench for diagnostics of single- and double-circuit pumps with mechanical drive. The test bench measures flow and pressure parameters under different speed. Besides, it detects such faults as leak, roar, body wear out, reducing valve sticking. It is an equipment of general service, used for work with power steering pumps of all types. The key features of the bench are easy operation and reliability. The bench body is made of polymer coating metal with table top of stainless steel.

This equipment is CE certified! 

The equipment set includes:

  • test bench
  • cables for connection to power supply
  • 2 high-pressure hoses L-1.2m
  • 2 low-pressure hoses L-1m
  • set of fittings MS00555
  • set of outside jaws and a jaw chuck key
  • adapter for pump hubs
  • user manual
  • product certificate

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Supply voltage, V380
Drive power, kW5,5
Drive rotation, rpm1500
Drive rotation directionYes
Tank capacity, l22
Maximum generated flow, l/min19
Maximum generated pressure, bar250
Flowmeter, l/min0-12
Manometer, bar0-250
Weight, kg170
Dimensions, W×D×H, mm1100*750*1600
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How to test pumps:

Proceed to diagnostics of a single-circuit pump. Diagnostics of a double-circuit pump is made on each circuit.

  • Switch on the automatic cutout which is placed on the right side panel. Turn on the switch to activate the control display, it means that the bench is ready for operation.
  • Fix a drive pulley or a pump shaft in the jaw chuck.
  • Fix a pump in the fitting.
  • Connect the bench to a pump.
  • Place the jaw chuck protection.
  • Open circuit I delivery switch and wait until the fluid fills a pump by gravity.
  • Start a pump drive on pressing the button with the needed rotation value on the display. Or set the needed rotation, while rotating drive rotation adjustment knob.
  • Measure pressure and fluid flow parameters, generated by a pump.
  • With a smooth turn of the load switch VALVE CIRCUIT I, check productivity of a pump under load.
  • Pressure, generated by a pump, is measured byCircuit I manometer.
  • Fluid flow, generated by a pump, is measured by Circuit I flowmeter.
  • Stop a pump drive by pressing STOP button on the display.
  • EMERGENCY BUTTON deactivates the bench totally in case of emergency.
  • Disconnect a pump from the bench.
  • On finishing the testing, deactivate the stand with a switch.
  • Switch off the automatic cutout on finishing the work with the bench.

You will find more information about testing procedure and other details in User Manual, included in the equipment set, or in 'ATTACHMENTS' to this product.

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