Flushing stand for cleansing pipelines of air conditioning system from contamination. Flushing is conducted through forced circulation of flushing fluid in the closed circuit: car – flushing stand. The equipment was designed according to the latest requirements of air conditioning system service centers. You will find a number of non-reacting (with pump and stand components) flushing fluids in the table ‘TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS’.

The equipment set includes:

• flushing stand
• 2 hoses (connected to the stand)
• 2 universal connector (connected to the hoses)
• User Manual

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Supply voltage, V220
Рабочее давление воздуха, бар2-7
Flow rate, l/min60
Filter elementPolypropylene
Размер фильтрующего элемента, мм (дюйм)127 (5”)
Tank operation volume, l8
Flushing fluidR141B or isopropyl alcohol
Pressione massima del nitrogeno, bar10
Length of hoses, m2.5
Weight, kg28
Dimensions, W×D×H, mm300*350*700
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  • easy servicing
  • small dimensions
  • well-constructed stand contributes to quick diagnostics

How to flush AC system:

  • сonnect the stand to air-supply system
  • fill the tank with required amount of flushing fluid
  • fix polypropylene filter in the filler neck
  • remove coolant out of air conditioning system and dismount components of air conditioning system, which are not to be flushed
  • Connect HP and LP hoses to high-pressure and low-pressure lines of air conditioning system
  • activate HP valve of the stand to provide circulation of flushing fluid and activate the pump
  • после нескольких циклов промывки останавливаем работу станции
  • purge the system with nitrogen to remove flushing fluid from air conditioning system

The first cycle is the quickest one: activate the stand for 10 minutes, then deactivate and check its filter element for contamination. If a lot of contamination is observed, replace the filter element and continue flushing. Quantity of cycles depends on contamination degree of the system, the pump can continuously work for a long time.

You will find more information about testing procedure and other details in User Manual, included in the equipment set, or in 'ATTACHMENTS' to this product.

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