MSG MS300 - Table for repair and diagnostics of brake calipers

Diagnostic equipment MS300 for repair and diagnostics of brake calipers.

MS300 is manufactured from anti-corrosion materials resistant to chemical effects of the brake fluid. The tabletop and the control panel are made of stainless steel, it ensures a long-lasting service of the equipment. 

A pressure indicator and high-pressure pump control elements are located on the control panel. There is also a connection coupling for tested units.

There is a gutter along the tabletop´s perimeter preventing the brake fluid from draining on the floor. For convenient use of tools, there is a section with perforation on the back side.

The pump supplies power fluid under pressure up to 160 bar.

To check the performance of calipers with electric park brake, there is a function of 12V voltage supply.

Supply voltage, V380
Tank capacity, l2
Maximum generated pressure, bar160
Manometer, bar0-160
Weight, kg120
Dimensions, W×D×H, mm1515*810*1160
Power fluid DOT4 (brake fluid)
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