Make sure you don’t have plans for 18-20 of June, 2017 – the most outstanding remanufacturing trade show will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

Are you a service center owner? How do you attract new customers and increase your profit? We will provide one of the quickest ways to achieve your primary goals!

New Year is one more opportunity to embody the bravest plans and make your biggest dreams come true! Do not hesitate to launch new projects! Do not be afraid to try something new! You will definitely succeed in it taking into account your reading these lines. Let us consider it to be our first step towards big and prosperous achievements!

Multifunctional Test Bench MS1000+ is designed to test shock absorbers of any type quickly and easily, the equipment can adjust a shock absorber to a particular driving style. Besides, the test bench works as a gas filler for shock absorbers.

In October 29-30 we are exhibiting our diagnostic equipment at Big R/ReMaTecUSA, the largest remanufacturing trade show of the year, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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