Tesla Toolbox 3 Pros & Cons of Service. Loki scanner software upgrade. Additional software modules to the Loki scanner. Training for the diagnosis and repair of Tesla vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles are getting bigger on the streets. And soon, in your vehicle service will contact the owners of electric vehicles, so it is necessary to be ready for their maintenance and repair.

Vehicle air conditioner is indispensable for maintaining a comfortable temperature and air purification in the cabin when it becomes hot outside. If the vehicle air conditioner does not sufficiently cool the air or fails, very often the cause of its failure - is the fault of the compressor.

Buying the test bench MS604 - for diagnostics of power steering pumps, as a gift you get complete set of fittings and special repair tools for power steering pump!

The only way to assess the alternator’s technical condition is through diagnosing it on the test bench. The bench allows us to set a load on the alternator and read the output rating and the alternate current component.
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