The capturing of new customers is much more high-priced than their retaining – the truth every entrepreneur knows. The reputation – the supreme value that is being gained for many years, yet it can be broken in a nanosecond: the disappointed customers spread the loads of negative feedback, the target customers read them and as a result, will hardly ever visit your car service station.

Since 2006, we have been manufacturing the diagnostic equipment and special tools for the following areas: Starters and alternators, EPS and HPS units, Air conditioning system, Shock absorbers, Brake system, DPF flushing, Diagnostics and maintenance of electric cars and hybrids

A new year will be fruitful and successful if you specify your achievements and set goals clearly – psychologists recommend. That’s the advice we’d like to follow because MSG Equipment has much to share.

Dear partners!We wish you a Happy New Year!According to the Chinese calendar, the symbol of the upcoming 2022 – Water Tiger.

The last month of the outgoing year was remarkable for the important event for those who is involved into the automotive business – the International Trade Show Automechanika Dubai 2021 took place on 14-16 December in Dubai and got together more than thousand specialists from the automotive service sector and industry.
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