Dec 20, 2022

MS800 – Best equipment for diagnosing battery electric vehicles

Equipment for diagnostics of batteries of electric vehicles

Much has changed since the wheel was invented. Flying cars have not yet arrived for some reason, but the total number of electric and hybrid vehicles has increased significantly in the past few years.

Of course, any car remains only a mechanism, uninterrupted operation of which is possible for a certain period of time. Breakdowns and malfunctions occur even in cars of the most premium segment.

Electric and hybrid cars differ in their design and type of power plant. Previously, the weakest point is considered a high-voltage battery, which over time begins to be worse and longer to charge, as well as less to hold the charge. Modern batteries have higher reliability, due to better discharge/charge control systems, as well as thermal control systems.

It should be understood that the battery life of an electric vehicle depends on several factors. Among them, for example, the technology on which the batteries are produced, the design of the battery, and the conditions of its operation. In the case of high-voltage battery problems, until recently the only solution was a complete replacement.

However, it should be understood that the price of a new battery may be comparable to the purchase of a new car. For this reason, electric vehicle battery repair is gaining popularity. To organize the service of repair of batteries of electric vehicles in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, you will need to buy appropriate equipment.

Main features of the MS800

What is the testing procedure look like? To begin with, you need to remove the battery from the car and disassemble it, dismantled all the modules. Next, the modules are connected to the tester MS800. The tester will test the modules and detect the problematic ones that have lost their capacity. 

The key features of the MS800 battery tester are:

    • the ability to test 36 accumulator modules at a time;

    • presence of an indicator with voltage for each channel connected to its tested cell;

    • verification of two types of batteries: nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) and lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries;

    • for each type of battery available 4 modes of operation: charging, discharging, cyclic, and balancing;

    • all operating modes can fine-tune;

    • protection against reverse polarity;

    • protection against battery overheating;

    • complete automation of the entire verification process.

    • the test results are stored in the tester’s memory.

Repairing electric vehicles is an opportunity to take your business to a new level.

Today, there are not many specialized car services engaged in the repair of batteries of hybrid and electric vehicles. At the same time, the demand for repair services is quite high. Using specialized equipment, such as the MS800 battery tester, you will be able to repair the batteries of electric vehicles and hybrid cars.

The tester MS800 has several fairly significant advantages that allow car service technicians to diagnose battery electric vehicles and perform the work qualitatively, thereby maintaining the reputation of the service.


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