Dec 29, 2022

MS112 – Efficient equipment for testing electric air conditioner compressors

Equipment for diagnostics of electric compressors of automotive air conditioners

Electric vehicles are gradually filling up our roads. Electric vehicles, like ICE cars, require periodic maintenance. For electric vehicles, the air conditioning system ensures a comfortable interior temperature and optimum traction battery temperature, providing a longer life. Therefore, regular diagnosis and maintenance of the air conditioner electric vehicle are much more important than that of cars with a combustion engine.

The special feature of the AC system design in electric vehicles is that the compressor has an electric drive that is powered by voltage from 140 to 400V. Because of this its diagnosis requires the use of specialized equipment.

 Test bench MS112 is the only one on the market capable of testing an electric vehicle’s air-conditioning compressor or in a hybrid-powered car. This test bench is able to carry out diagnostics of any compressors of modern electric compressor, including an integrated inverter.

How are compressors tested using the test bench MS112?

The procedure consists of several steps. To begin, select the appropriate model of the tested compressor in the test bench database. The equipment will display a list of cables and fittings that will be required to test a particular compressor. Next, it is necessary to connect the fittings to the compressor, then fix the compressor with the help of a belt on the test bench, and connect it to its high and low-pressure hoses. In the last place connect to the compressor high voltage and data cable.

Next, testing is started, during which it is forbidden to touch the metal elements on the body of the test bench, as well as the test compressor itself. The test is automatic and the test results are displayed on the screen. In case of errors and faults, the screen displays the reasons why the test was interrupted.

During the inspection, the equipment tests the electrical compressor system for malfunctions and then performs performance and functionality checks. The working environment and body an inert nitrogen gas.

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The set of equipment includes:
    • test bench MS112;
    • set of power and data cables;
    • equipment maintenance kit;
    • user instruction.

When purchasing equipment from our company, you get:

    • the maximum range of professional equipment for the diagnosis and repair of vehicle units;

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Remember that only professional equipment, as well as the high qualification of the car mechanic, is a guarantee of fast and correctly executed car repair.


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