Mar 20, 2023

LOKI Update

LOKI Update

We are glad to announce that we have released an update to Loki.

What's new:

-️ Wi-Fi connection has been improved, now LOKI is able to get access to the points with all names without any restrictions

️- Wi-Fi STAAP signal strength bar and authorization log are added

-️ Wi-Fi roaming in STA mode is added

-️ Now Windows will always show Internet on the LOKI network, this is done in order not to disconnect Windows from the LOKI point due to lack of Internet (this was the main reason of frequent connection loss)

-️ Alert database is updated, now it contains everything that is in the Toolbox with detailed description

-️ CAN live and live Alerts functions are improved

-️ Reset new alerts ( f107) for BMS MSMX and run SOC recalculation

-️ Work of online functions is improved, now they are available for all cars

-️ Ability to unlock diagnostic port for MCU2 is added for work with multimediaconfig without MCU removal

-️ Ability to exit the Factory Mode on the latest MCU1 firmware in Basic Lan

-️ Work with M3MY configuration is improved, now all parameters that are in the gateway memory (except for the secured zone) can be edited

- Ability to analyze open ports over LAN is added

-️ Work of car firmware server is improved