Aug 23, 2023

Updated MS561 tester with new capabilities

Equipment for diagnosing EPS and EHPS components that operate using communication protocols: CAN, CAN-FD, and FlexRay.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, and steering systems are no exception. The foundation of steering control in all modern cars is the Electric Power Steering (EPS). This technology has significantly improved car handling, providing advantages in efficiency, control, and comfort. Thanks to EPS, features like autopilot and automatic parking have become possible.

In recent years, car manufacturers have introduced several innovations in steering control systems. Here are a few examples:
1. The adoption of the new CAN-FD data exchange protocol has bEHPSn. The distinctive feature of this protocol is its ability to increase bus throughput and transmit more data over the same two wires.
2. Electric power steering systems controlled by two independent CAN buses are becoming more common.
3. A Gateway is installed between the data bus on the rack and the diagnostic data bus.
4. Car manufacturers have started devising new pin configurations for the OBDII connector.

For the existing MS561 Tester, which was created back in 2016, all these advancements have become insurmountable obstacles, making comprehensive diagnostics of some modern Electronic Power Steering (EPS) components impossible. To address this issue, the MS561 Tester has received a significant update to remain relevant and capable of further development.



To ensure full functionality with the most modern EPS components, the tester has been equipped with new hardware and software. The new board employs the latest components: processor, external RAM, current sensors, and more, guaranteeing stable tester performance for years to come. The new board brings the following additional capabilities:
  • Compatibility with the new CAN-FD data bus.
  • Simultaneous communication with two independent CAN buses.
  • The new board acts as a Gateway for the component, allowing customization of the OBDII connector pinout, enabling connection with any component.

The new MS561 software aims to simplify, expedite, and enhance diagnostic processes. The tester now focuses on universal cable compatibility, and the program displays a connection diagram for the component. This enables component testing without waiting for a specialized cable. The tester program has also been enhanced with several new features, including the display of:
  • Normal (correct) consumption current, expected from the component under test.
  • Data packets received from the component and their decoding.
  • Non-critical errors.


Despite its orientation towards universal cables, we recommend diagnosing EPS components primarily with specialized cables, as:
   • The connection process is simpler and faster compared to universal cables.
   • The possibility of incorrect component connection and unreliable diagnostic results is eliminated.
   • The risk of damaging the control unit of the component due to incorrect connection is eliminated.

Moreover, there are components that can only be tested with specialized cables, such as those controlled via the FlexRay bus.

If you want to learn more about the updated MS561 Tester, feel free to reach out via messenger or call: +38 063 745 19 68 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram). If you already have the MS561 Tester, our managers will provide guidance on updating it to the new version. Additionally, we'd like to remind you that our Training Center offers online courses for skill improvement in the field of "TRAINING IN DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIR OF EPS SYSTEMS".


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