Sep 13, 2023

Major update for MS561 PRO

Major update for MS561 PRO

This time, these are significant changes that will greatly facilitate and speed up the work with the equipment and further expand the functionality!

  1. Special cables (xx-S) for testing torque sensors without a rack and pinion and for supporting the MS550 (adapter for diagnosing steering racks without a control unit) have been introduced;

  2. Added EEPROM dumps for more than 30 units;

  3. The MS561 PRO tester is now able to PROGRAM the VIN in the steering racks:

  • OP402 (Chevrolet Volt; Opel Astra K);

  • OP406 (Chevrolet Malibu 2012, Orlando 2011, Opel Astra 2009); 

  • CR408 (Chevrolet Cruze Sedan); 

  • CR414 (Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (19-)

  1. Reset the binding of the rack to the car in:

  • RE418 (Renault Espace V, Megane IV sedan, Scenic IV, Talisman);

  • NI403 (Nissan Rogue).

  1. We have added programs to many units, including:

  • SZ704 (Suzuki Grand Vitara 2004);

  • FO705 (Ford Focus 4);

  • FO703 (Ford Focus 3);

  • AU701 (Audi A3 Limousine, Sportback);

  • FO306 (Ford Fiesta, Fusion);

  • CR703 (Chevrolet Bolt, Opel Ampera);

  • JA405 (Jaguar I-Pace);

  • and others.

All updates can be obtained by contacting managers or technical support.

For those who have not yet bought a diagnostic tester, there is a special offer to purchase a complete MS561 PRO kit for work, so don't miss your chance and order it right away.