Nov 13, 2023

Black Friday 2023!

Black Friday 2023!
Don't miss it!

We are pleased to announce the Black Friday sale.
The promotional offer will last from November 23 to 30, 2023!

We offer a 10% discount on the most popular types of equipment for diagnosing starters and alternators:
  • MS004
  • MS006
  • MS015

10% discount on the equipment for diagnosing power steering:
  • MS604
  • MS502M

10% discount on equipment for washing particulate filters:
  • MS900

10% discount on all special tools:

7% discount applies to equipment for diagnosing car air conditioners (AC):
  • MS111
  • MS112
  • MS101p

A 5% discount is offered for equipment for diagnosing electric vehicles:
  • LOKI
  • Plugin Secured Configuration
  • Plugin for key fob pairing for Model X feature
  • MS800

For more details and to order, please contact our managers.


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