Jan 24, 2024

7 benefits of DPF Cleaning machine MS900

Cleaning diesel particulate filters (DPF) without the use of chemicals on MSG Equipment's innovative MS900 equipment.

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) play a crucial role in reducing harmful emissions. With each hour of diesel engine operation, soot accumulates in the filter, adversely affecting the engine's performance. Vehicle manufacturers have incorporated a mechanism to clean the DPF by activating a special engine operating mode. This process helps eliminate soot from the filter. However, incomplete combustion of soot results in the formation of ash, an incombustible substance mainly composed of glass with a crystalline phase such as quartz and various calcium silicates.

Ash consistently and inevitably accumulates in the DPF, impairing its permeability, leading to more frequent regeneration cycles, and consequently, increased fuel consumption. Ash removal from the DPF can only be done mechanically. Cleaning the DPF gives it a second life and provides significant cost savings for the vehicle owner, while also positively impacting the environment. 

The MS900 DPF cleaning equipment is an advanced solution for servicing DPFs in both passenger and commercial vehicles. Thanks to innovative DPF washing technology and other technical solutions, the MS900 system possesses unique advantages that we want to highlight.

Advantages of the MS900 DPF Cleaning System:

1 – Low Cost of DPF Cleaning:

The MS900 DPF cleaning machine does not require the purchase and use of special chemical agents, resulting in a significant reduction in cleaning costs. The three-stage water purification system ensures that water replacement is needed no more than once a month, minimizing filter cleaning expenses. The main operating costs include electricity for water heating, filter drying, and the complex's unit operation during cleaning, replacement of polypropylene BB20 filters, and the operator-mechanic's salary.

2 – Versatility:

The system's technical capabilities and an extensive set of fittings allow servicing various DPFs in both passenger cars and trucks.

3 – Short DPF Cleaning Time:

Unlike chemical methods that require considerable time for the DPF to soak in a chemical solution, the MS900 DPF cleaning technology eliminates the soaking step, allowing immediate cleaning. The cleaning time depends on the filter size and its degree of contamination.

4 – High Productivity:

Due to the modular design, the MS900 can wash and dry DPFs simultaneously, doubling productivity compared to conventional stands with a sequential execution of operations.

5 – Ease of Use:

   • The washing and drying process is automated, and the control module menu is simple and intuitive.
   • The control menu allows presetting washing parameters for the most common DPFs, saving time in preparing the system for operation.
   • A closed washing process ensures cleanliness and order in the chamber and the workplace.

 6 – Results Saving and Printing:

The MS900 DPF cleaning machine allows saving diagnostic results before/after cleaning, maintaining and viewing the history of cleaned filters, and printing diagnostic results on a Bluetooth printer.

 7 – Safety:

   • When working with our DPF cleaning equipment, contact with chemically active and hazardous substances is eliminated.

   • The system includes all possible protections against unforeseen situations, and in case of a malfunction, the stand will indicate the cause.

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