Feb 14, 2024

Valentine's Day promotion

Valentine's Day promotion

Dear friends,

On this festive day, we want to delight you with delicious discounts in honor of Valentine's Day. So you can feel how sincerely we value you! 

And we'll especially emphasize our love for the environment. Please read the terms of the promotion carefully.

-10% + 4%* off on equipment and spacial tools!

For diagnostics:

Starters and alternators:

  • MS002
  • MS004 
  • MS015

Shock absorbers:

  • MS1000+ 
  • MS200

Power steering racks:

  • MS502M 
  • MS604 
  • MS603N
Car air conditioners:
  • MS111 
  • MS121 
  • MS112 +spacial cables

Flushing system of the particulate filter (DPF): 

  • MS900 - our Valentine's gift for the environment

On the entire range of special tools.

And if you'd like to receive an additional +4% (total of 14%), you just need to follow the link (we'll double in the comment and profile header) to our video "Love for the environment with MS900", like it, and leave a comment:


And to get the discount, contact our managers.


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