Jun 15, 2020

Training in car maintenance and repair

Professional education: training courses for auto mechanics, refresher and advanced training

Qualified auto mechanics and car repair specialists are always in high demand, especially in CIS states where the average age of vehicles is about 17 years. It is known that the older the car, the more repair it requires. A lot of car servicing companies, car repair shops, and garages are in a continuous search for qualified workers. Usually, they don’t provide any staff training themselves. 

Not only does this specialization increase employability, but it also guarantees a nice income, yet, it requires good knowledge and skill.

How to become a specialist in car repair?

If you are fond of cars and repairing them is what you’d like to do, then you should think about taking a training course to become a top-ranked specialist. 

Educational facilities offer different training opportunities in the following fields of specialization:

  • study of vehicle designs, systems, and components;
  • diagnostics of vehicles with the use of special devices and test benches;
  • practical use of special repair tools for car units mounting/dismounting;
  • selection of spare parts with the use of special computer programs and databases;
  • technical fluids changeout methods, replacement of components and filters;
  • study of car repair and maintenance techniques.

Education options:

  • special training courses – 4-7 days;
  • community colleges – 2-3 years;
  • university programs – 5 years

MSG Equipment Training Center offers training programs to all those who wish to master a new profession. The courses will be also useful for workshop specialists who want to upgrade their skills in diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators, EPS and EHPS systems, HPS racks and pumps, air conditioner compressors, brake calipers, shock absorbers and struts of all types.  

There is a convenient option of online training for those who don’t have an opportunity to come to the MSG Equipment Training Center. Online courses for auto mechanics are held as individual training programs. 

About the courses

Training courses at MSG Equipment Center provide the most essential theoretical knowledge and practice. The courses are useful not only for newcomers to the profession but as well for specialists in car servicing who want to update their skills and learn how to use the most advanced diagnostic equipment. 

Experienced tutors teach car maintenance and repair. Special repair tools, test benches, and testers by MSG equipment are used in the course of training. During the tutorials, the trainees study step by step the techniques of diagnostics, maintenance, and repair used by auto repair specialists in their daily work, and apply them in practice. 

What do we master during our practical sessions?

The practice is what helps the trainees to develop skills they will need for independent diagnostics and repair of units and systems of different car brands. 

Important! Study of repair techniques is not possible without proper practice. Every future specialist must know how to use sophisticated equipment and tool. For this purpose, our training class is equipped with everything necessary for fruitful studies: diagnostic test benches and testers, special repair tools, and a great number of car units. We allocate enough time for practice to allow every student to work out all the operations to the last detail. 

Skill upgrade

A known fact! Knowledge of the repair techniques and diagnostic equipment as well as practical skill require regular upgrading. Car manufacturers are using advanced technologies to improve their products. This is the reason why the equipment for car repair is being constantly upgraded as well. Special training is the way to learn how to use it correctly. 

You can choose between training courses, college or university programs by considering all the pros and cons.  If the MSG Equipment training course is your choice, check out the specializations we offer, training programs, and teaching methods. Learn the details on https://servicems.eu/training-



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