Aug 27, 2020

Why does a car mechanic have to learn?

Why does a car mechanic have to learn?

Vehicles are being upgraded all the time. Therefore, the new diagnostic and repair techniques that require the appropriate tools, equipment, and special skills are being developed. To keep up with the times, the owners and specialists of service centers must stay up-to-date. 

Not only do we engineer new equipment and tools at MSG Equipment, but we also teach how to use it. Buying a test bench from us, you'll never be left to deal with the new device on your own - free training on the equipment operation is always included in the purchase.

The purpose of our Training Center is to allow car mechanics to learn new advanced technologies and tools, upgrade their skills in some particular area of repair. Our instructors will help you to become qualified specialists in diagnostics and repair of the following car systems:

  • starters and alternators;
  • steering racks and pumps of HPS, EPS, and EHPS systems;
  • vehicle AC compressors;
  • brake calipers;
  • shock absorbers and air spring bellows of all types.  

MSG Equipment training centers are equipped with all the necessary repair tools, test benches, and testers for classroom training and practical sessions. 

The course duration is 3-5 days, during which the trainees learn and practice different diagnostic operations, maintenance and repair techniques necessary for quality servicing. Upon completion of the course, every student gets a certificate.

All the courses can be held in a convenient format – either at MSG Equipment training facility or online. Each online course is individually tailored. 

Visit our site or contact our manager to learn more about the courses and instructors.


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