Nov 4, 2020

Software update

Software update

Our customers' feedback, their suggestions, and proposals concerning the operation of testers and test benches by MSG Equipment have always been of great importance for us. They motivate us to keep improving our products. Today we introduce the new software versions for the following test benches and testers: MS006, MS012, MS013, and MS031.

  • Test bench MS006: we extended the database;
  • Tester MS012 COM: our specialists added new voltage regulator types and upgraded the interface design – now the operation of the tester would be even easier than before;
  • Testers MS013, MS031: their operation stability was improved.

We made accurate and easy-to-understand operation instructions that would allow you to update the firmware all by yourself. Download the update files and instructions on under the corresponding product detail pages.

Our managers are always available and ready to answer all your questions.   


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