Dec 21, 2020


Vocational training for garage workers. Training courses at MSG Equipment Training Center.

Vocational training or self-paced training?

Car repair is a trending occupation – seasoned specialists are in demand and make good money. The ever-evolving automotive industry requires repair specialists to learn and upgrade their skills regularly. Where? - The question stands.    

Where can car mechanics get training and upskill? 

Today several options are available: 

Technical schools

Advantages: theory + practice, basic knowledge, and principles necessary for understanding how car systems and units operate, consistency. 

Downsides: a lot of outdated information, insufficient information on innovative repair techniques and equipment. 


An apprentice at manufacture – this tradition is still alive and relevant even for active specialists who want to learn something new. 

Advantages: a lot of practice

Downsides: self-directed theory learning, the supervisor often doesn’t have time to explain in detail. 


Advantages: the person can choose what to study and when.

Downsides: theory without or almost without practice. To apply the knowledge in practice, it is necessary to find a garage or a specialist who would agree to teach (for a price). It is hard to get through a large amount of information: though it seems that everything can be searched on the internet, found in books or journals, this information may appear to be irrelevant, involve risks and uncertainties, etc. Another problem is the lack of consistency. 

Vocational training 

Advantages: all the information is up-to-date, the theory goes hand in hand with practice, in-depth study of diagnostics and repair of particular car systems, and the possibility to use state-of-the-art equipment.   

The main principle of MSG Equipment vocational training is to teach techniques for solving special tasks. 

Why vocational training is the right choice?

1. A person receives relevant and up-to-date information

Although the online self-study may look attractive, a person spends a great deal of time to dig some scraps of useful knowledge out of mountains of junk information. Besides, sensitive and unique information is often unavailable online - one must buy it.  

The fact that any knowledge shortly and unavoidably becomes outdated must be considered as well. Car manufacturers continuously release new models, upgrade configurations, and vehicle units. Sluggish educational systems such as specialized universities cannot readjust quickly to the extensive changes and rapid technological progress, while the colleague-mentors may have not enough knowledge or practical experience.      

Our specialists will acquaint you with up-to-date and practically proven information. Here, at MSG Equipment, we monitor changes, develop products and technologies that suit the modern age.

2. Practical skills

The training process has one specific feature: only the knowledge applied in practice can be considered absorbed. That is why theory alone is never enough. The training process should be gradual, where every piece of theory is followed by practice. Only this training technique can produce good results within a short time. Hence, if you can't put knowledge to work, all your efforts are to no effect. As soon as you have to deal with some practical issue, you'll have to learn all over again. And this requires yet more investment of time and money.   

MSG Equipment training implies a lot of practice in diagnostics and repair of vehicle systems. Our instructors will introduce the latest techniques for diagnostics and repair of present-day vehicle units using professional equipment.  

3. We use only proven training methods

During training at MSG Equipment, we apply only proven practical training methods tested in practice. 

These training programs have been developed with the consideration of customers' needs and technological specifics. The training methods are flexible and improved all the time to remain up-to-date with innovations in the area. 

4. Goals and motivation

The study of vehicle diagnostics and repair requires self-discipline and a sense of purpose. Self-learning may be efficient only under certain circumstances. The person must be able to organize and control himself, set, and pursue a goal. Only those who have this unique mindset are capable of this. It’s quite unlikely that anyone who decided to learn on his own knows how to organize the quality process.    

Our specialists have thought through every detail of the training program: the lessons are structured; there are control points to assess how the trainees digest the material. The instructors supervise the students performing technical tasks and correct mistakes.    

In addition to the above, the students can watch how the manufacturing workshops and Master Service auto repair shop operate and the way everything is arranged there. Witnessing a successful business model is the best motivation.

5. Professional support

No matter how efficient the training is, starting a new work is always challenging. 

It's a tough call to solve unfamiliar and complex tasks without support. When you study on your own, there is nobody around to help when questions arise. A solution to the problem will certainly be found, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

Course instructors and technical experts at MSG Equipment always support their students: they help to deal with difficult situations, answer questions, show how to perform particular processes. Based on their experience, the course instructors drew up a kind of FAQ – ready answers to the most frequently asked questions. Solutions to some problems that might require a self-taught person a good deal of time are already available. 

Even after the course completion, you can get professional advice from our experts in the area you've been trained in. 

6. Communication with like-minded people

During training, you will be surrounded by people who share the same interests, communicate, and discuss all sorts of questions. All this is just impossible when you study on your own.

7. Training results

The fact that you've learned the compressor structure on your own is quite a lame argument for an employer. A course attainment certificate is strong proof of your competence, experience, and skill.

We value our reputation and are interested in your successful training. Vocational training at MSG Equipment is an opportunity to learn the new profession and become a qualified specialist in car repair.

Find more information about the program of the training courses at MSG Equipment here.


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