Feb 9, 2021

MSG Equipment & Master Service: modern car service solutions

Auto parts, garage equipment, training courses for garage mechanics

Professional equipment, quality spare parts, and seasoned professionals are essential components of any good car repair shop. All the above you can get at Master Service and MSG Equipment. Buying auto parts and accessories, diagnostic equipment and special repair tools, and even training courses on equipment usage at a single location is convenient and practical. We prepared a complete service package to make your car repair business beneficial and future-proof.

Training courses and equipment

MSG Equipment is a manufacturer and seller of professional equipment and special tools for diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators, automotive air conditioners, HPS and EPS systems, brake calipers, and shock absorbers. Master Service workshop specialists test run this equipment and give us prompt feedback. That is why our testers and test benches meet all the requirements of today's car workshops.   

Not only do we engineer, produce, and sell our diagnostic equipment, but we also teach garage mechanics and specialists how to use it, and introduce the most innovative technologies of automotive systems maintenance. We conduct training courses in diagnostics and repair of the following automotive systems:

  • AC compressors;
  • Starters and alternators;
  • HPS/EPS systems
  • Shock absorbers;
  • Brake calipers.

Together Master Service and MSG Equipment help their customers to build and develop their businesses in diagnostics and repair of steering and braking systems, fuel injection equipment, turbines, air conditioners, starters, and alternators.

Professional selection of spare parts on steering.com.ua

If you are professionally engaged in car repair, you have to buy many different spare parts and accessories, and it's hardly possible that placing your order, you will manually enter all the necessary data, such as a car make, model, and year of manufacture of every car in repair. It is uncomfortable and takes time. You know that the cars of the same manufacturer (VAG, PSA, FCA, GM, and other) often have identical designs. That’s why you need a reliable source to choose spare parts for different car makes by their technical characteristics. 

Master Service’s website steering.com.ua is an easy-to-use platform for garage mechanics, owners of auto workshops and car accessories shops:

  • You can search auto parts and accessories by VIN or OEM number, type, location, size, and other technical parameters.
  • Each product detail page contains a full description of the product, informative photos, and 3D overviews, information on its applicability, OEM and supplier part numbers, a list of analogs.  
  • All the information about your orders, payments, credits, delivery methods, and other operations is stored in "My Account". You are always in control of your orders and cash flow. 

Here, at MSG Equipment and Master Service, we have everything you need for a professional car repair shop.


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