Feb 16, 2021

Special repair tools for EPS racks

Special repair tools for EPS racks

The number of steering racks that need repair is constantly growing in proportion to the number of passenger cars equipped with electric power steering. 

Replacement of a steering rack is a costly and sometimes unnecessary procedure that can be avoided. The majority of failures are mechanical and thus, can be troubleshot. All it needs is special repair tools for automotive unit assembly and disassembly.

Special repair tools help to preserve the integrity of steering rack components, prevent their deformation or damage during removal and installation, and provide access to the most hard-to-reach places of a unit.   

The assortment of MSG Equipment special repair tools for EPS racks and the operations they perform are as follows:  

MS00142 - Puller for dismounting of EPS motors from rack housings with the purpose of the bearing replacement. The tool is used for repair of steering racks of the following cars: AUDI Q3 (8U), SEAT ALHAMBRA, VW PASSAT CC, VW TIGUAN.

MS00143 – Puller for dismantling of rotor position sensors of steering racks. It preserves the integrity of a steering rack and position sensor. The puller is used for the repair of steering racks in MAZDA 6 (GH). 

MS00095 – Tool for removal/installation of steering rack bearing nuts in FordFocus III. Since the locknut has an irregular shape and is made of aluminum alloy, the use of the tool prevents it from deformation in the process of removal. 

MS00108 – Tool for adjustment of steering column torque sensor. The tool preserves the integrity of a sensor and protects it from deformation and other damages. It is used to adjust steering racks of HYUNDAI ACCENT III. 

MS00084 – Tool for removal, installation, and adjustment of side nuts of steering racks in BMW 3. The nut has an irregular shape and is made of aluminum alloy. Hence, it can be easily damaged when we use a standard tool. 

By purchasing MSG Equipment special repair tools, you choose the quality of your services and loyalty of your customers.


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