Feb 18, 2021

New price on MS031 – tester for starters solenoids

Starter solenoid testing with MS031

Tester MS031 is an essential tool for every car repair shop. It is used by car mechanics engaged in the repair of starters and alternators in specialized workshop sections and garages and car owners for self-conducted repair.

This device's purpose is to assess the solenoid switch performance in 12V and 24V starters both in assembly with a starter or separately from it.

The tester measures the following solenoid parameters:

  • pull-in winding current
  • hold winding current
  • open circuit fault and short circuit fault of the solenoid winding
  • power contact resistance

Another good advantage of the device is its compact size and user-friendly intuitive interface. Special qualification is not required for the device operation. All it needs is to connect the solenoid switch to the tester - the information indicative of its operational condition will be displayed on the screen within seconds. Starter solenoid clamp MS0311 will ensure the operator's comfort during work.

Starting today, tester MS031 is available at a reduced price. Please contact our managers to buy the tester:

Manager contact: +38 (067) 434 45 33


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