Feb 19, 2021

A new feature of MS016 i-Starts – diagnostics of Start-stop alternators (StARS)

Equipment for diagnostics of starters and alternators

A new feature of tester MS016 - i-Starts allows us to diagnose a reversible alternator with a nominal voltage of 12V without removing it from the car. It means that the same tester, MS016, can diagnose both – classic type alternators of all modern vehicle models and Start-stop system alternators!

Millions of cars around the world are equipped with this system. It shuts the engine off when braking to a complete stop and automatically restarts it without any noise or oscillations when the driver can start the movement.

A Start-stop system reduces fuel consumption by 4 to 5 percent and emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. The major unit of the system is a reversible alternator (starter-alternator). And the addition of the new i-Starts feature makes it possible to test these alternators with MS016.

Testing an alternator with MS016 doesn’t require its removal from a car. The tester diagnoses Start-stop alternator reversible systems with a nominal voltage of 12V. The device functionality allows the following:

  • Testing of conventional 12/24V alternators of all types.
  • Testing of voltage regulators separately from alternators.
  • The voltage regulator database provides information on the connection of the tester to a voltage regulator.

MS016 – is the right hand of any garage specialist!

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