Feb 24, 2021

New price on MS021 – a tester for rectifiers

Diagnostics of automotive alternator rectifiers with tester MS021

Tester MS021 is an essential tool for a repair shop or garage engaged in the repair of alternators. After the alternator fault is detected, checking of each individual element of the unit is required to locate the faulty one and shoot the trouble. MS021 is used to test rectifiers and identify the following

  • diode breakdown/open circuit;
  • poor contact between the diode and conductive busbars;
  • diode type;
  • diode degradation rate
  • reverse breakdown diode voltage

MS021 helps determine the parameters based on which a new element can be selected to replace the faulty diode.

Tester MS021 for bridge rectifiers of automotive alternators is available at a discounted price starting tomorrow!

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