Mar 5, 2021

Girls run the world. Happy international womens's day!

Girls run the world. Happy international womens's day!

The International Women’s Day is approaching with a speed of a sports car. The meaning of the holiday in the former CIS countries is a bit different than in the other world  – it’s our way of saying “Thank you for being the flower of the world” to a woman. So, the MSG Equipment team is happy to send the holiday greetings to all the women and wish them a lot of happiness, spring blossom, loving boyfriends and partners, loyal friends, reliable cars (even if it’s a taxicab), and responsible car mechanics. Moreover, we promise to do our share to make the last two wishes come true.

The women of MSG Equipment do their best to make sure no trouble would keep the cars from taking their passengers from point A to point B without fail and in proper time. They see to it that garages and repair shops around the world would be furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with trained personnel. They can speak with foreign customers in their languages, know how to introduce the product better than any developer would, and have the expertise to do the market research, package the product properly and bring it to the top. They navigate our department through the white water of the auto business with ease and expertise. To keep up, we have to perform heroic deeds at work, make discoveries in the field of car diagnostics and repair, and be the champions. 

Dear women around the world and, of course, the women of MSG Equipment, may the mechanisms of happiness never fail!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Guys of MSG Equipment