Mar 16, 2021

MS008 – Test bench for starters, alternators, and voltage regulators

MS008 – Test bench for starters, alternators, and voltage regulators

We are pleased to inform you that we are finalizing our new project - a test bench for starters and alternators MS008. Due to the test bench technical characteristics, it has become possible to combine many different diagnostic features in a single unit. The device is universal and can be used to diagnose all alternator types.  Despite its multipurposeness and flexibility, the device is easy to operate even for non-qualified personnel.

And now, more information about the "smart" test bench:

  • MS008 diagnoses 12/24V alternators supplied with various terminal types under a load of 150A (12V mode).
  • The test bench can test 12/24V voltage regulators under load separately from alternators.
  • The device tests 12/24V starters under no-load conditions.
  • Measured parameters are displayed in real-time mode in the form of oscillograph charts. It allows a specialist to see a complete picture and assess the unit condition more precisely.
  • The test bench operates in two modes: manual and semi-automatic.
  • Based on the results of a semi-automatic procedure, the test report can be generated according to the client's template and then printed out.
  • The bench is supplied with databases of alternators and voltage regulators containing their connection diagrams, which save you the trouble of searching this information over the Internet.
  • In addition to the test bench, you can purchase special diagnostic cables for particular alternator types. It will save the time required to connect a unit to the test bench and eliminate the risk of mistakes.
  • The tightening of the drive belt and chain is fully automatic and makes the process of mounting/dismounting easy.
  • The test bench software is updated automatically on a regular basis. For example, a feature that will allow diagnostics of 48V alternators equipped with Start-Stop or I-ELoop System is soon to be added. The updates are free.     

 A quality workshop is not the one that is stuffed with numerous test benches and testers but the one that meets today's needs and purposes: you can buy many different test benches for various alternator types, or you can buy one piece that can test them all. You can check a voltage regulator just to identify its condition as faulty or faultless, or you can check it to detect and locate faults.

Test bench MS008 not only ensures high quality and accuracy of a diagnostic procedure - it has a strong potential for the future. You won't need to buy a new piece of equipment each time the next alternator model hits the market – free automatic software updates of the test bench will keep you up with the innovative technologies, with MS008 you will always be ahead of the game. 


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