Mar 24, 2021

MS005 – test bench for starters and alternators

MS005 – test bench for starters and alternators

If your repair shop is engaged in the repair and rebuilding of starters and alternators, then we have good news for you – engineers of MSG Equipment have come through the testing campaign and started large-scale production of MS005. The test bench can be used for diagnostics of nonconventional and high-powered automotive units, allow for more starters and alternators to be tested per unit of time, and make us feel optimistic about the future. The work is easy and sharp with testers and test benches by MSG Equipment. Today, tomorrow, and ever.

TODAY, the test bench functionality allows us to check

  • starters and alternators with a nominal voltage of 12/24V
  • alternators equipped with vacuum pumps, including testing of the pump itself
  • automotive 12V lead batteries

TOMORROW, you will be able to test

  • alternators supplied with Stop-Start system
  • 48V alternators

Let’s talk more specifically about MS005 functions and strong points:

  • The test bench diagnoses 12V alternators under a load of up to 300A and starters at no load.
  • The measured parameters are displayed in the form of oscillograph charts which ensures a more precise evaluation of the unit condition and detection
  •  The bench operates in two modes: manual and semi-automatic.
  • The device interface is quite flexible: you can choose what information should be displayed on the bench screen and set the diagnostic parameters.
  • Automatic tightening of an alternator drive belt and chain provides easy mounting and dismounting of a tested unit.
  • MS005 is equipped with a thermal vision camera for accurate real-time monitoring of the tested unit temperature.
  • Based on the results of the semi-automatic check, the test report can be generated and printed out. A client can make a test report template at his option.
  • The equipment set includes a universal cable for the connection of all types of automotive units. However, soon it will be possible to buy diagnostic cables for specific alternator types to facilitate the connection. It is very convenient when several automotive units of the same type are to be tested.

MS005 is a custom-tailored test bench. Our engineers considered the possibility of the test bench upgrade - the needs of repair shops may change when new automotive units hit the market. We recommend this test bench for large repair shops specialized in diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators. Also, it will be of good use for the developers and manufacturers of automotive units.

Stay with MSG Equipment and look ahead to the future with confidence. We haven’t invented the time machine yet. But what we have created are testers and test benches that make you feel prepared for the changes that go along with the technological advancements in the automotive industry. 


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