Apr 20, 2021

Cable FlexRay MS-39009 for diagnostics of EPS racks in BMW vehicles

Cable FlexRay MS-39009 for diagnostics of EPS racks in BMW vehicles

MSG Equipment extends the product line of FlexRay cables for EPS rack diagnostics. Cable MS-39009 for diagnostics of electric steering racks in BMW 5-series (G30), 7-series (G12), 8-series (G15) is the most recent development of the company engineers. The cable connects the tested units with controller MS561 for diagnostic purposes.  

FlexRay is a high-speed communications protocol used in such German vehicles as AUDI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen. It has some very distinctive features like high data transmission rate and reliability. But the most important thing about it is that the bus is time-triggered. However, to do justice to the advantages of the bus, garage mechanics need to have appropriate tools for quick and comprehensive diagnostics of steering racks with FlexRay, detection, and elimination of faults.

MSG Equipment has designed a product line of FlexRay cables for different steering rack models. Each steering rack’s ECU has its unique code and synchronization, which is why only a specific cable is used to synchronize with a particular rack model to ensure data transmission.

Once cable MS-39009 is connected to a steering rack (either directly in a car or when removed from it), the following operations can be proceeded with:

  • fault codes reading and removal;
  • scanning data real-time;
  • reading ECU’s information;
  • coding;
  • software updating;
  • sensor calibration;
  • other

Cable FlexRay MS-39009 (209-F) is intended to test the following models of EPS racks: BW114, BW119, BW125, and BW127.

 Any work has to be doable, and the ease and efficiency of it are the factors that directly affect the quality of repair, workshop profit and reputation, and customer loyalty. FlexRay cables by MSG Equipment are easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable.

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