Jun 24, 2021

Diagnostics of starters and alternators with test bench MS008

Diagnostics of starters and alternators with test bench MS008

MS008 is a new-generation test bench for alternators, starters, and voltage regulators that brings alternator diagnostics to a whole new level. Multiple useful features of the bench allow garage technicians to test alternators in a quick and quality manner.

Automatic tightening of chains and drive belts

Due to the automatic tightening of the drive belt and chain, an alternator can be fixed easily on the test bench.

Touch-sensitive control

The test bench is touch-enabled, which makes it easy

  • to get quick access to the tester functions;
  • to navigate the test menu intuitively;
  • to adjust the parameters;
  • to set the parameters accurately;
  • to save settings.

Database of alternators

Now you don’t have to waste your time searching for information about the tested unit on the Internet. Using the bench-integrated database of alternators, you can identify the type and the key parameters of the tested unit in no time.

Special diagnostic cables

Special diagnostic cables for certain types of alternators make it easy to connect the diagnosed units to the test bench with no risk of doing it improperly.

Measured parameters displayed as oscillograph charts

Displayed as oscillograph charts, the measured parameters make health assessment of automotive alternators and fault detection easy to perform.  

With test bench MS008, garage mechanics can perform full-scale diagnostics of voltage regulators separately from alternators and testing starters at no load (along with the starter solenoids and motors).  

All the above makes test bench MS008 the best choice for big repair shops and workshops specialized in starter and alternator repair.

Garage equipment and advanced training for car repair specialists.

MSG Equipment is not just a manufacturer of modern equipment for automotive systems - the course on diagnostics of starters and alternators held at the company's Training Center is an excellent opportunity for repair technicians to update their skills. 

To buy the equipment for carservice facilities engaged in diagnostics, repair, and rebuilding of automotive units, fill out an order form on the MSG Equipment website or contact our managers.

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