Oct 5, 2021

MS0005 & MS008: new features – more advantages

Performance features of the benches MS005 and MS008 for diagnostics of starters and alternators

1. Time saving

  • Automatic unit fixing chain tightening and automatic belt tightening – saves much time eliminating the manual tightening.
  • Alternator and voltage regulator database and connection schemes – integrated into the bench. You don’t have to spend your time for information searches.

2. Diagnostics boosting

  • Oscillogram displaying the test results allows to reveal the least unit malfunctions. It increases the diagnostics and repair quality.
  • Special cables – ensure the correct connection of alternator and accurate diagnostics results.

3. No-efforts operation

  • Touch screen – you set the parameters by a slight finger touch.

4. Money saving

  • Free software updates – allow to test the newest units that appear on the market.

Both MS005 and MS008 are provided with the features mentioned above. However, there are differences between them:

MS005 generates the load up to 300A to alternator, MS008 – up to 150A.

MS005 checks starters, alternators as well as vacuum pumps mounted on alternators, while MS008 – in addition to the diagnostics of starters and alternators, can check voltage regulators.

Both benches are designed for the developers, manufacturers and specialist at the rebuilding of starters and alternators for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

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