Oct 8, 2021

Equipment for car service center: used VS new?

Equipment for car service center: used VS new?

When launching the business in the area of vehicle repair and service, you take responsibility for many questions that have to be settled. Prior to the car service center opening, one of the most important questions – what equipment you should invest in?

Consider the criteria below to make decision:

  • service types that you are going to provide;
  • number of cars supposed to be serviced;
  • qualification level of car service center specialists;
  • service duration.

Pros & Cons of Used equipment

The one and the only strong point of the pre-owned equipment – its lower price in comparison to the new equipment.

There are much more pitfalls, at the same time. So, put more focus on the following details when considering the purchase of used equipment:

1. If the equipment is in order, yet it’s on sale. Why?

  • The car service center is being renovated, and the previous equipment is not required anymore.
  • The equipment is occurred to be not profitable due to its specific features or due to the specific market characteristics. The buyer should check all these details prior to the purchase of used equipment.

2. During its operation life, the equipment naturally wears out as well as often fails. So, the question is what’s the remaining lifetime of equipment? And if it failed, how effective was the repair? The prospective buyer will hardly verify whether the answers to these questions are true.

3. Imagine, you have bought the used equipment in good condition. It raises the question how and when you will train your employees to operate the equipment? Because it can be a challenge to hire already trained staff. And yet, the trained specialist may need time to study all the details of provided equipment.

4. Since the wear parts and components wear out, sooner or later they have to be replaced. And here the other question that raises – what spare parts and components were used for replacement? They could be original supplied by manufacturer. Or maybe the chip analogues were used. The buyer would not be able to check it, and in result, he takes the risk to get the equipment where the body is the only original part.

The equipment that is not in order can’t provide high-rated service. Bad service results in the bad reputation of car service center, the number of clients will decrease, and it will be quite difficult to clear the name. Moreover, if the car service center has just opened, the bad reputation may be the reason of big money losses, or even of car service center shutdown.

Advantages of the purchase of new equipment made by MSG Equipment

Why to establish the successful business and provide the high-quality service, it’s a new professional equipment that is preferable to be purchased although its cost is much higher in comparison with the price of used equipment? There are benefits that the higher price gives:

  • Required by the law, warranty provided by the manufacturer. During its period one can change the goods or get money back.
  • The manufacturer provides the support regarding all the questions in regards to the equipment operation and vehicles repair.
  • MSG Equipment training center offers the courses on all the main kinds of repair of automotive assemblies and units.
  • MSG Equipment offers the up-to-date equipment which is much in demand on the automotive market. All the investments are cost-effective.

Features of the equipment made by MSG Equipment

The MSG Equipment engineers develop the car service equipment referring to the latest innovations in automotive industry. The equipment is provided with the updating software, and remain relevant for a long time after its purchase.

The range of special tools, testers and benches is constantly updating - new models that come to release can test:

  • starters and alternators;
  • EPS and HPS units;
  • AC conditioners;
  • shock absorbers;
  • brake system;
  • particulate filters;
  • electric and hybrid car batteries;
  • tesla cars.

Contact MSG Equipment manager who will consult you and help to choose the appropriate benches and tools for your business sector.

Follow the MSG Equipment sales and save the money getting the discounts for the equipment purchase.


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