Oct 13, 2021

Diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators - FAQ

FAQ when buying the equipment for the diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators.

During the last 3-4 years the equipment for the diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators got highly demanded by the car repair shops, service centers and garages. It’s not a surprise because more than 10 years have passed since the new-generation alternators had appeared, so it’s the right time to maintain them. Although due to the specific configuration, it’s not possible to check the mentioned alternators using the low-tech devices or tools. The units can be diagnosed only by the up-to-date special equipment.

Thinking about the exploring of a new area or expanding of diagnosed alternator and starter range? 

We’ve spotlighted TOP-6 questions that our followers who consider exploring a new area or expanding the range of diagnosed units often ask in social media and on YouTube.

1. Can I test the starter without load?

If you try to start the engine for a long time, it’s the starter relay and electric motor that are commonly first to fail. You can check them on the test bench without load.

2. Can the test benches read COM protocols?

All our test benches can maintain the alternators by the following protocols: BSS, LIN1 and LIN2.

3. What is the diagnostics alternator load?

To test the alternator on the bench, the load 50-70A is enough. At the same time, if the alternate current component value does not exceed 10% of the rated load, the winding coil and diode bridge are in order.

4. Do you have the special tools for repair of starters and alternators?

We have. MS0204 – a puller set that allows to replace the rear bearings of alternator rotors excluding the damage of collector rings.

5. If I have the tester, why do I need the test bench?

Compared to the tester, the test bench enables the diagnostics of starters and alternators - dismounted from a car, yet generating the unit load close to real.

6. How should I connect the alternator to the bench?

To connect the alternator to the test bench properly, follow the bench user manual recommendations. For new test benches MS005 and MS008, we suggest using the special cables for quick and correct connection of the alternator.

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