Nov 3, 2021

One voltage regulator - three testers MS012, MS013, MS016

One voltage regulator - three testers MS012, MS013, MS016

Enhancing of car repair shop reputation due to the diagnostics quality, reduction of claim percentage or expanding of the service range – it’s all achievable with a special equipment from MSG Equipment!

To help you to choose the equipment that will be as much relevant to the needs of your car repair shop as possible, we made the video where we reviewed the range of testers for the diagnostics of the automotive alternator voltage regulators.

Watch the video and you’ll know:

  • what tester range for the voltage regulator diagnostics we offer;
  • what are the specifications of each tester;
  • what’s the main difference between testers;
  • performance capabilities of each tester during the diagnostics of Denso voltage regulator.

Refer to time codes to watch the preferred part:

  • 01:10 (4 min ) – MS012 review
  • 05:05 ( 5 min ) – MS013 review
  • 10:00 (6 min ) – MS016 review
  • 16:05 (2 min) – SUMMARY: features of each tester and their main difference

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