Tester for diagnostics of voltage regulators. The device simulates installation of voltage regulator on faultless alternator in order to test its operating performance under different loads and modes, under various rotor resistance parameters. The tester conducts diagnostics of all existing types and models of voltage regulators. New types and models of voltage regulators can easily be added by updating software through USB-port. The equipment is controlled by three encoders and a sensor on colored display. Diagnostics lasts about 2 minutes.

This equipment is CE certified! 

The equipment set includes:

  • tester
  • kit of diagnostic probes
  • user manual
  • product certificate

Price by request

Supply voltage, V180-264
Voltage of tested voltage regulators, V12/24
Tested parameters of voltage regulatorsStabilizing voltage; current rotor winding. COM voltage regulators: protocol; speed of exchange; regulator type; errors; сontrol lamp; FR (load on voltage regulator)
Terminals of tested regulatorsCOM, P-D, DFM, D+, RLO, C, SIG
Weight, kg4
Dimensions, W×D×H, mm260*250*90
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