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The tester combines two devices: tester of stator windings and diode bridges. The equipment has small dimensions and a light weight, it was developed according to the requirements of contemporary service stations. The feature of the tester is diagnostics of stator windings and diode bridges with no additional testing and measuring devices. Diagnostics of stator windings is carried out through automatic identification of phase connection, detecting winding integrity and measuring the difference in phase distortion. The device detects the following stator winding failures:

  • inter-turn fault
  • inter-winding fault
  • winding breakdown to alternator housing
  • open-phase fault.

This equipment is CE certified! 

The equipment set includes:

  • tester
  • kit of diagnostic probes
  • user manual
  • product certificate

Price by request

Supply voltage, V85 - 264
Supply typeSingle-phase
Voltage of tested diode bridges, V12/24
Types of tested stator windings‘star’, ‘delta’
Tested parametersCortocircuito ‘turn-to-turn’; cortocircuito ‘phase-to-phase’; fase al corpo; interruzione di fase
Dimensions, W×D×H, mm219*214*80
Weight, kg3
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