Air conditioner parts for car Ac repair and diagnostics

For high-quality technical servicing and repair of car aircon, experience and impressive credentials of employees are required. But, even if the auto repair specialists know how to fix ac in the car, a special tool is a necessity.

We offer high-quality and reliable air conditioner parts for the car Ac repair on our website. We have special devices that are required for auto service to do all the necessary works related to car air conditioning repair and diagnostic of modern cars.

Special tools for car air conditioning repair

Today, almost cars are equipped with Ac system. Modern car air conditioners are mostly high-quality and wear well, but anyway, there comes a time when they are in need of maintenance and repair. Early diagnostics, filling and scheduled maintenance, changing the oil and filters help to make a car aircon live longer. All the necessary tools for car air conditioning repair are richly stored in the catalog on our website.

For car air conditioning repair and diagnostics, we offer tools that let you characterise the malfunctions of air conditioner compressors and other components. Tools for the air conditioner compressor are in high demand.

Air conditioner accessories

Ac accessories in heavy demand:

  • Compressor bearing;
  • A/C compressor pulley assembly;
  • Air conditioning compressor seal;
  • Air conditioning compressor control valve;
  • Compressor pressure plate;
  • Repair kit for air conditioning compressor.

Car aircon breakdowns

If a breakdown comes along and a car air conditioner goes wrong, immediate action is required. To make independent identifying and fixing the damage, without the use of special tools, have a disastrous impact on the Ac system. The result of such intervention is higher-priced repair or replace such components of the air conditioning system like an air conditioner compressor, evaporator, dehydration filter, thermal expansion valve, radiator, etc.

Car air conditioning repair workshops use special tools and diagnostic equipment. For example, MS111 bench for diagnostics of air conditioner compressor and climate systems. The use of the bench lets you show up faults, and after the repair to prove that all faults are fixed.

There are equipment and tools that are connected with laying the groundwork of a car aircon normal operation. The MS101P station is used to clean the transfer line of automotive climate systems. Cleaning is carried out with constant pulsating floorage. Such regular flushing of the air conditioning system can significantly extend the uptime of the climate system units.

Professional automotive tester MS121 checks electromagnetic clutches and valves of car air conditioners.

Professional advice

If ever there are any questions, our specialists always glad to be of service. We are helpful to select spare parts, tools and equipment for auto service, that is engaged in the diagnostics and repair of automotive air conditioners and climate systems. All the products are under the warranty.

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