Jul 26, 2022


Equipment for repair and maintenance of air conditioners | MSG Equipment

In the upcoming summer at the service station begins the «high season» - car owners, concerned about the condition of the air conditioning system of their car, rush to the service station. To be ready for the influx of those wishing to «not to worry» customers, you need to be fully equipped: have equipment and specialists.

MSG Equipment is capable of solving and preventing many problems with vehicle air conditioners, which we will dwell on in more detail.

MS111 Test Bench for compressors of vehicle air conditioners. Diagnoses 12/24V refrigerant compressors R134a or R1234yf, checks electromagnetic clutch and compressor valves, and also used for post-repair running-in.


  • two diagnostic modes: automatic and manual;
  • intuitive interface;
  • free automatic firmware update;
  • diagnostic results save and printout option;
  • built-in system for protecting against breakage in case of improper operation.

MS101P – pneumatic flushing stand for air conditioners. Used to clean pipelines and elements of air-conditioning systems from pollution.


  • universal fixing mechanism;
  • flushing with a pulsating flow;
  • post-flushing system drying with nitrogen;
  • easy filter replacement;
  • small size and mobility.

MS121 – Tester for electromagnetic valves and clutches of AC compressors.


  • simplicity and ease-of-use;
  • automatic polarity selection for connection of the tested unit;
  • simultaneous testing of a clutch and a valve;
  • possibility of a compressor electromagnetic valve control;
  • possibility to test without removing from a car.

Both drivers and service stations need to prepare for the season. TM MSG Equipment will help to significantly reduce repair time and improve its quality.

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