Aug 4, 2022

Diagnostics and repair of the EPS by means of MS561

Diagnostics and repair of the EPS by means of MS561 | MSG Equipment

The ideal tool for EPS diagnostics is the MS561 controller.

Using the controller, it is possible to perform a full diagnostic of the steering rack or columns with the EPS, as well as the HPS pump, which work according to the protocols CAN or FlexRay.

The controller is connected to the unit, removed from the vehicle, with the help of special cables, which are designed for individual groups of units.

How does the MS561 controller work?

When the controller is connected to the unit, it provides it with electrical power and special software codes necessary to start the unit. During diagnostics, the program simulates the actual operating conditions of the vehicle, namely, the speed of movement.

When the operator turns the primary shaft of the steering rack, he determines whether the gain occurs.

The deviation in the work of the rack will be visible on the graphs, according to which you can determine the cause of the electrical fault.

External diagnostic instruments (Launch, Bosch KTS, MaxiSys) can be connected to the MS561 via the OBD II connector to:

  • reading and removing faults;
  • viewing data real-time;
  • reading information stored in the control unit;
  • coding;
  • software updates;
  • sensor calibrations.

After repair, the operator re-diagnoses the rackand removes the irrelevant error codes. Then he installs the unit on the vehicle and adapts it if necessary.

Advantages of the MS561 controller:

  • Diagnoses aggregates both on the vehicle (disconnect the rack from the vehicle’s on-board network) and removed from the vehicle.
  • Works with CAN and FlexRay protocols, which allows you to diagnose and repair most modern vehicles.
  • Checks the moment sensors separately from the unit.
  • Firmware controller and units databases are updated for free online.
  • The MS561 is compatible with additional devices that expand the functionality:  FlexRay cables and torque sensor cables, universal cable for testing EPS/EHPS MS35670 units, diagnostic scanners, adapter for diagnostic rack diagnostics of Japanese manufacturers, where it is structurally possible to install the amplifier control unit separately from the rack with motor and torque sensor (MS550).

To make maximum use of the full potential of the controller for diagnostics and repair of steering racks, MS561 buyers can take free training from MSG Equipment specialists. More information and features of the controller can be found on our site

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