Mar 17, 2023

Automotive air conditioner service line

Equipment for diagnostics and maintenance of car air conditioners

A car with air conditioning is much more comfortable to drive. A well-functioning air conditioning system not only ensures comfort in the cabin in hot weather and affects driving safety. All car owners have to deal with car air conditioner maintenance. It is better to have an air conditioner serviced by a car service station where they will perform a complete assessment of the system, disinfect it, recharge the system with freon, and eliminate the existing problems. 

The air conditioning system of a car is the most complex in terms of its working principle. Therefore, its diagnostics using a visual inspection and the use of a minimum set of equipment is the main reason for many complaints. Air conditioning repairs are expensive. 

To avoid unpleasant cases of returning customers with complaints, you need to take care of the availability of the necessary equipment in advance. Soon there will be queues of people who want to service or repair the air conditioner on their cars. 

MSG Equipment offers a range of equipment for the diagnostics and maintenance of car air conditioning systems. 

When an air conditioner fails, the compressor - the heart of the system and the most stressed element - is often the faultiest. Test bench MS111 uses to diagnose mechanically (belt-driven) air conditioning compressors.

MS111 test bench capability:
    • Diagnostics of all types of compressors of automotive air conditioners with belt drive and power voltage 12 and 24 V;
    • Diagnostics of the electromagnetic clutches and the solenoid control valve both assembled with the compressor and separately from it;
    • Post-maintenance run of compressors;
    • Pre-sale checks of new compressors-analogs;
    • Test report generation and printout (any external printer can be used).

The air-conditioning compressor in electric vehicles and hybrid cars is fundamentally different from the air-conditioning compressor of the ICE car. For diagnostics of electric compressors air conditioner has been developed MS112 test bench, which at the moment is the only bench on the market able to test such compressors.

MS112 test bench capability:
    • Diagnostics of any air conditioner electric compressors with built-in inverter and power voltage from 100 to 400 V;
    • Testing of the electrical and hydraulic parts of the compressor, performance evaluation;
    • Pre-sale test of new compressors.

When the compressor has been running without proper lubrication and cooling for some time, it causes abrasion and destruction of the pistons to form small particles of metals. These solids are mixed with compressor oil to form a viscous mixture and refrigerant flow spreads this pollution throughout the system. When a new compressor is installed in such a system, this contamination will cause the compressor to fail within a short period of time.

The high-quality washing of the system with the help of the MS101P flushing machine makes it possible to remove all contaminants from the system and guarantee the air conditioner’s future performance.

The air conditioner fault can hide in the electronics of the car. To determine where the breakdown in electronics or mechanics is better, use the MS121 tester. By controlling the compressor with the MS121 tester, we eliminate the problems in the electrical.

If you want to know more about the equipment for diagnosing car air conditioning - consult our managers. Write to the messenger or call: +38 063 745 19 68 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).