Jul 27, 2020

MSG Equipment offers test benches and testers for the repair of EPS/EHPS units

Equipment for EPS/EHPS units repair
  1. Controller MS561
  2. Cables FlexRay
  3. Adapter MS550
  4. Universal cable MS-35670
  5. Electronic Repair Specialist Table MS570 
  6. Storage System for EPS cables MS700 

Repair of EPS and EHPS units is becoming an increasingly sought-after service. The majority of modern cars (as well as electric motor cars) are equipped with electric power steering. The number and popularity of these cars keep growing. This is why the repair of EPS and EHPS units is becoming a prospective line of development. 

MSG Equipment specialists have developed a whole line of equipment for full-scale diagnostics and repair of EPS and EHPS units. 

Controller MS561

Controller MS561 checks the performance of EPS/EHPS units (steering racks, columns, and pumps) operating under CAN and FlexRay protocols.

The Controller can diagnose the units dismantled from a car: the device supplies power to the unit and provides the program codes necessary to start and test the unit.

The advantages of Controller MS561:

  • Tests the units dismantled from a car.
  • Operates under data transmission protocols CAN and FlexRay.
  • Can test torque sensors separately from the unit.
  • Diagnoses car units under load with maximum consumption current of 100A.
  • Free online update of the Controller firmware and database of car units. 
  • OBD II connector for different diagnostic devices (Launch, MaxiSys, VAS5054, Bosch KTS, etc.).
  • Compact size, convenience, and ease of use.

Cables FlexRay
The latest EPS units operating under FlexRay protocol in such vehicles as BMW, AUDI, MINI, and MERCEDES-BENZ can be tested with cables FlexRay.

Adapter MS550
Adapter MS550 enables Controller MS561 to test both the electric part of a steering rack (electric motor, motor position sensor, torque sensor) and its mechanical part. Using Adapter MS550, it is possible to take sensor readings in realtime, which helps to detect faults and calibrate the torque sensor.

Universal cable MS-35670
The diagnostics of EPS units with Controller MS561 requires the use of special diagnostic cables. Sometimes these cables are not available and their purchase is often money-losing. For this reason, the MSG Equipment specialists have designed Universal cable MS-35670. It can be connected to the majority of electric power steering racks and electro-hydraulic pumps operating under the CAN protocol. For one part, the use of the Universal cable extends the range of tested units, while for the other part, its connection to the unit is quite complicated. This procedure requires special knowledge. Therefore, Universal cable MS-35670 is to be considered rather as an auxiliary equipment item that provides more diagnostic functions than a fully-featured substitute for special cables.

Electronic Repair Specialist Table MS570

MS570 is a specially designed table for the repair equipment for EPS systems installation. The table has a special mounting face to position the diagnostic equipment and welding station and two embedded power units. A 60W LED lamp provides good lighting which is very important for repair and diagnostic operations. 

Storage System for EPS cables MS700

Special System MS700 is very convenient for EPS cables storage: 

  • it can house 46 cables;
  • its construction provides secure fixation of the cables and at the same, easy access to any of them;
  • axial bearings allow the holdings rods to pivot

Each controller, adapter, or scanner has its intended purpose. MSG Equipment is in direct cooperation with such companies as Dipa Sport, Eurodiesel (India and UAE), Nitro Group, and others. Based on the experience and needs of repair specialists as well as on customers’ demands, we’ve been engineering the equipment that makes diagnostic and repair procedures easy or possible (in some cases) and shortens the time of repair. 

The partnership with big automobile repair shops offering a full range of services helps us to understand the needs of the market and develop the new lines of business in a good time. 


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