Oct 7, 2020


New price of MSG Equipment test bench for diagnostics of vehicle air conditioners

Seize the opportunity to diagnose any compressor model without applying auxiliary equipment.

Benefits of buying test bench MS111:

  • With MS111, it takes repair shop specialists five minutes to evaluate the technical condition of a dismantled compressor, advise a customer a quality repair instead of purchasing a new unit and offer the lower cost for the system recovery.
  • A post-maintenance check of a compressor before its installation in a car prevents its subsequent reinstallation/dismounting, filling the system with refrigerant, and thus, potential losses resulted from this.
  • A pre-sale check of a compressor indemnifies against a defective product return. 
  • We grant a free training to four staff members of the buyer!

Recently we upgraded the test bench. 

- From now on, it can operate on R134а and R1234yf and test compressors that work on these refrigerants. 

- The control interface is now more user-friendly, and the test bench menu has nine languages.

- We increased the number of protection systems that prevent damage to the test bench resulted from improper use. 

By the way, starting from October 1, 2020, there is a special price for MS111! Contact MSG Equipment managers to learn more about the current price and purchase terms applicable in your region.

Find detailed information on the MS111 operation and compressor diagnostics on servicems.eu.


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