Feb 23, 2021

A qualified garage mechanic is a key asset to any repair shop

Knowledge and skills a work of a garage mechanic requires

The profession of a garage mechanic requires constant upskilling, acquiring new knowledge, and competency. Car manufacturers continuously upgrade automobile design and performance, and it dictates the need for a continuous improvement of garage mechanics' skills.

Theoretical knowledge received at industry-specific schools is enough to start a job at a garage or repair shop. Newly-baked garage mechanics usually have an idea about

  • vehicle construction and layout
  • work principles of automotive systems and units
  • diagnostic and repair techniques

They are car repair shops where fresh specialists sharpen their practical skills.

Ongoing upgrade of qualifications is a must for a garage mechanic so he could be able to provide high-quality servicing of present-day vehicles, including the electric ones. MSG Equipment Training Center based on the physical infrastructure of the major car service center – Master Service offers garage specialists the following courses:

In every field of car servicing, we teach our trainees the competencies necessary for every qualified specialist:

  1. How to carry out quality diagnostics of an automotive unit or system in general.
  2. How to detect faults or disorders in the operation of an automotive system or unit
  3. How to disassemble a unit into its parts
  4. How to sort out parts and components one by one using special equipment and tools
  5. How to select spare parts and components considering the generation, year of manufacture, and other essential technical and electrical parameters of a vehicle
  6. How to replace a faulty component of the mechanical or electrical part of a unit
  7. How to assemble and mount an automotive unit following all the technical requirements 

Each course includes practical sessions during which the students are taught to work with the latest diagnostic equipment. During training, they learn how to organize the work process efficiently to manage customer needs.  

Training Center of MSG Equipment issues personal certificates confirming the graduates' competence in car diagnostics and maintenance that meets the highest car servicing standard.

In March 2021, we are launching a new course on diagnostics and repair of Tesla cars.

If being a garage owner, you aim for the high quality of services rendered by your repair specialists, care about your customers and work hard to win their loyalty - you are welcome to contact our managers. We will offer a proper course and agree on convenient dates and mode of training!


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