Oct 8, 2021

Training courses on the repair and diagnostics of starters and alternators

Training courses on the repair and diagnostics of starters and alternators

Service quality improvement – one of those effective approaches that enables the increasing of the profit of car repair shops, service centers or car repair garages. Indeed, in a tough competitive environment the knowledge and skills of the servicemen are very important and often the crucial.

The training on the subject “Diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators” is one of the most demanded courses up today. To improve skills and to raise the professionalism of your staff, the trainers of MSG Equipment Training Center started the custom course based on the experience and knowledge of the best specialists of MasterService.

Our courses benefits

  • The small number of course participants – from one to five persons. Every student will have enough time and trainer attention to follow and process the information.
  • Program uniqueness – the training is carried out with the usage of the test benches developed by MSG Equipment, according to the custom methods of the diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators.
  • Informational content – we will study your specialists not only to operate our test benches but also share the secrets of the diagnostics and repair of units in general. This offer is applicable for all our partners that have purchased the equipment and the tools for the automotive unit and system maintenance.
  • Customized approach – in case your car service center repairs the units of specific car makes, they’ll be studied more thoroughly during the training.
  • Online training is available. The usage of several video cameras enables the excellent information presentation as well as sharp-cut and clear display of all the actions and processes.
  • Graduating the course, all the participants get the no-limit access to the Telegram chat of technical support where you can always get the answers to the questions on the diagnostics and repair of starters and alternators.
  • Certificates for all the participants on the completing the course ‘Diagnostics of starters and alternators’.

And this is not the whole story! We’ll give the opportunity to know the production processes of our company, repair area structure and we’ll discuss the future cooperation prospects.

Training period (offline or online) – 3-5 days.

Find out more about the training program following the link: https://servicems.eu/training-/462-training-course-on-starters-and-alternators.html


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